In the Big Smoke

I normally link up with Everyday Ruralty on a Wednesday for her Words of Weightloss, or something ridiculous like that. But I haven't been around today.

For the second day running, I was in Stornoway. Twenty-five miles from home. Two days running.

I'm now in therapy. Yep, I'm back home and that's my therapy. 

I took a couple of photos of Stornoway Harbour. See, even in town, I'm thinking of you guys. I'm good like that :)

 Most of the fishing boats were out, but the lifeboat can be seen in the harbour.
 Here's Lews Castle. The castle was originally built by Sir James Matheson, who owned the island, in the mid-1800s. He'd made his fortune from the Chinese opium trade and had bought the Isle of Lewis for £190,000.

Sir James Matheson sold the Castle in 1918 to Lord Leverhulme, who gave it to the people of Stornoway in 1923. Over the decades, it has fallen into disrepair, but there is hope now that it is going to be refurbished.

(And no, not by anyone's standards can Stornoway be classed as the Big Smoke :)


  1. What a stunning castle with such history!

  2. I'm in the dark, I don't know what that last phrase means. ???

    But I do know, that I love the pictures of the harbor, and the castle. Thank you so much for thinking of us! I just can't imagine what it's like to live near such wonderful pieces of architectural history! That is pretty cool!

    I know what you mean about home therapy, there's no place like home!

  3. Ridiculous? The castle only proves that drugs were lucrative way before our contemporary society.
    Ridiculous? Beautiful castle. Do people still live in any of the old castles? Bet they're a bear to heat and then get the electric bill!

  4. Lew's Castle looks lovely from that vantage point. Too bad it's in disrepair. Thanks for thinking of us during your little getaway.

  5. LOL I like that, the Big Smoke! That was a popular nickname for London. Hope the castle can be refurbished.
    Stornoway looks like a quaint little fishing village. :-) Beautiful
    Have a happy Easter!
    Anne ♥

  6. What a beautiful harbor! and castle! Is there a renovation project in process? Or being planned? Is it something the community participates in? Or all hired by "professionals"?

  7. Hi.. Just happened upon your site and love it.. I have read about the islands for years.. (Lillian Beckwith) and love them even though I have not been there...
    Enjoyed the pics of the waves and sheep...


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