Yesterday evening, I loved watching the lambs playing together in the sunshine.

 I wasn't able to get good photos of them, because once the mothers see anyone coming within any distance, they baaa for their babies, and the lambs' playtime is over.

 I wished I could have captured them on camera bounding like deer.

 Very unclear photo, but they're so adorable.

See this wee fellow. Isn't this the cutest thing ever. Pure black and his twin is white.

Today, my sister left the home she and her husband have had since they married.
 Here, they celebrated the birth of their first child, a beautiful daughter.

 This was her bedroom until today.
In this home, they were also blessed with their second child, their adorable little boy.

 And this was him empty room today.

 The biggest shock of the day was seeing my sister cleaning and washing up.

Er, hang on. I did see her wearing her gloves. 

I did have a great deal of her company in the kitchen.

I also discovered she has a wonderful gift for delegating.

(She's the youngest child. That explains all!)
 I took this photo tonight at half-past eight. The sun was streaming in our kitchen window when I took this photo

And I had to take a 'Come-and-see-tonight's-sunset-photo' for y'all!

And now I'm sitting with my cuppa and my Whoopie Pies.
Er, yes, plural. I'm suitably ashamed. But deliciously chocolatey satisfied. Catherine made 70 Whoopie pies today - 140 singles in all, so someone has to make a start on them. 

And tomorrow is Wedsnesday's Words of Weightlessness. Oh well, as they say - tomorrow is another day!


  1. Beautiful pictures....lambs are so cute!! Your sister's house looks lonely..is she moving far a way? or maybe closer?....Your sunsets are gorgeous! Hope you had a splendid evening!

  2. When we moved, I went to every room and cried a bit. It was our first home together as Mr. and Mrs.....it wasn't huge, but I felt like a queen!

    Anna's herbs are bursting with growth! She just made me a delicious herbal vinegarette with lemon balm, oregano and cilantro. She added a touch of garlic and cayenne pepper! Mmmmmm.

    Love the sunset.....Jeff always makes me stop to look at the sunset.

    I have rambled on your ramblings post. Eat a whoopie pie for me!

  3. The lambs are so sweet and those whoopie pies sound delightful!!

  4. A Rambling comment: Love your sunset, and this weeks chicken legs. We have a pair of those in our house who told me his feet weren't big they are actually flippers (hmmm nothing like truth out of the mouths of babes). And I love your great wide beach...

  5. lovin' the lamb pics, wish i could hold one!

    well, if you helped clean your sis' house then whoopie pies are in order for sure. if you didn't, then they are still in order ;)

  6. Those lambs are precious. The photo did show them bounding.

  7. Lovely pictures, love the little lambs, they are so sweet!

    Your sister's home is lovely, it is hard to move isn't it, when a family has so many milestones connected w/ one place. Hope their next home is filled with just as many great memories as they make them each day, in the future.

    Whoopie pies, that sounds like a great way to end a very good day. Your pics are such a nice start to my busy, (dreary, dark, rainy) day, but a whoopie pie would have possibly made it a little better, maybe?

  8. Your lambs are just adorable - I love how different your sheep look over there from ours over here - the black faces are gorgeous!

    LOL about your sis - I have one just like that! The house is lovely though & I hope her next home is just as warm & welcoming.

    What are whoopie pies? They sound delicious!


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