Wednesday's Words....

Here are today's questions from Patrice:

1. As the weather is getting warm, I want to know if you're a person for the higher temps or one who likes to be in with the air conditioning.
I'm sorry.... air conditioning?? Er, what's that?! Is that the gale that blows in my windows when they're open, whether it's winter or summer?

I love warmth. I love the hottest day we'll get in a whole summer, but by most standards that is only comfortably warm. We may hit the low 80s, and if we do, I'll love it. But even then, we'll have a gentle breeze wafting in our windows, so definitely no need for air conditioning. 

2. Shorts or capris?
Oh my! The thought of me in shorts... Eek, I've gotta move on. Quickly. 

I am a Capri person. I would wear them at all times of the year. And to all places I can get off with. This pleases my much-more-fashion-conscious sister no end. Especially when they're worn with 

The Boots!

3. Do you need the prescribed 8 hours of sleep, or can you get by with more or less?
I need 8 hours. I will happily take more if they're on offer, but I need my 8 hours. (I seldom get my quota of 8 hours, but I definitely function better with them)

4. What's your favorite healthy snack?
Er, I'm struggling here. Snack - Healthy - together?? 
Actually, I love grapes, strawberries.... fruit I can put in my mouth in one gulp. If I could afford it, I'd have a bowl of grapes and a bowl of strawberries every day.
5. Tell me one thing you can do for yourself this week that would make you feel good.
I always struggle with these kind of questions. Oh, I'd love to find time to finish the book I'm reading. I've been 'almost there' for the past week.


  1. Great answers! I have an award waiting for you on my blog, but we need some random facts from you first!

  2. The boots! Gotta love those boots, they symbolize the need for practicality in our lives. Long live the boots!

  3. Thanks for joining in. My daughter saw your temperatures there and asked if we could move to the Isle of Lewis. Our area gets to be humid and hot in the summer with temps up to high 90's or low 100's. We don't normally have much breeze in summer, but this spring has been very windy. I'd love to not need air conditioning. I am also a big fan of grapes and strawberries!

  4. I'd love not needing air conditioning - even though, we don't need it too often here!
    I really like the boots! Is there a problem w/ the boots?
    Have a great day!

  5. You said "day" you only get a day of 80 degree weather? I like the gentle breeze with the windows open and with you so close to the ocean I think it would be wonderful. I laughed, I like food I can just put in my mouth and keep on moving.
    Very nice.

  6. Just beautiful! We were out on the Swiss plateau today and I actually got a picture of a sunset... a rare thing in our town bordering the Franches Montagnes. A beautiful, funny and heartfelt blog you have!

  7. I so enjoyed this post (sorry terrible grammar I know). I also wear capris often & have been known to wear them with my workboots during summer (not the nicest look, but hey - who's going to care out on the farm - the sheep sure don't).
    I think it's wonderful you don't need a/c although I will admit I don't think I could handle your cold for too long - we have scorching summer days where you would wither without some form of cooling (although as my husband reminds me they still survived before a/c was invented).
    Hope you are keeping well
    Have a wonderful day

  8. i always enjoy your answers!! hee hee :)


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