Spring has Sprung!

Spring has definitely sprung.

Today, we reached the heady heights of 17 degrees (around 62 Fahrenheit). Okay, so that's nothing to some of you out there, but to us, it felt positively Mediterranean.

See him at the bottom of the photo sussing out the rams. (Shhh, don't tell anyone, but he's kinda scared of them. Now please, not a word to anyone - can you imagine what it'll do to his image. I know I can trust my blogging friends not to tell.)

I had to show you this. See the field furthest away. That's where some of the lambing sheep are.

Does this ram (ahem - the daddy of some of these very lambs) show any interest?

Does Mr Wayne? 

Not a bit of it.

These are the days in which we live. Give me good old-fashioned family values any day. Dear, dear me.

Today, my slave labour hired help cleaned out the greenhouse. (I use the word 'greenhouse' loosely too, cause it can barely be called that, but hey-ho, my seedlings love it. Actually, I do too, and I'm probably the only adult on the face of the earth who can almost stand upright in it. See, the Builder built is just for me!)

This is it cleared out....

....and then filled with seedlings.

This is my all-the-way-from-Pennsylvania-slave-labour.

Contemplation. Plan-making. Yarning. 

Peas in a pod.

Well, hopefully as some stage, that's what they'll be. I've never grown peas before, and I reckon it'll all have to be done under glass here, so we'll see how it goes.

After lunch, we took a wander out to the peats.

The day was gorgeous.

For the Builder, the memories were strong. These are the peats his family grew up cutting. The cut-out road that is clear in the previous photo was cut by his dad and the boys. Spade by spade.

See the track of where the road was? The tractor would be able to get as close to the peat banks as possible, making the loading of the trailor to get the peats home easier.


Fern growing amongst the heather

Laurie's boots weren't quite high enough to escape a dunking!

There were areas of heather and moss which looked innocent enough ... until you stepped on them, and squelch! 

That'll teach them Americans!


  1. Sounds like a delightful day! I know what you mean about the weather...it finally hit 61 here yesterday, and my sister and I immediately donned spring dresses. Can't imagine last fall when I froze at that temperature! :)

  2. Happy Spring! It's FINALLY 80 here and I'm loving every degree! We had a long, cold winter. I donned spring clothes in the house, just to make myself feel better...

  3. Beautiful pics! 62* is nice anywhere, in my opinion :-)

  4. I remember the peat from last year.... always thought it so interesting. 60 degrees is indeed nice. Wind is still blowing here like crazy, but I think if it would stop we might have some 80 degree weather. Puppy is a cutie, and Mr. Wayne looks as good as ever. Thanks for the pics, they're lovely.

  5. Hi Anne,
    Looks like a beautiful day!
    Memories are good :-)
    Have a nice weekend,

  6. Dear Anne,
    I just loved reading this post...and all the wonderful photos. Making memories...a perfect day. It was in the high 50s on the coast of Maine today...I wanted to go barefoot! I cleaned out my little greenhouse too...we need to replastic ours because the winter weather took its toll. Hope to do that on Monday and have my seedlings going early next week! Don't you just love spring!

    Have a blessed evening,

  7. My husband loved these photos of your everyday life...as did I. Glad to see you have some seeds started. I am going to experiment with some straw bale gardening this year and I had my bales delivered a few days ago. Can't wait to get started!

  8. Wonderful pictures so beautiful thanks for taking us along ~How fun to be starting your garden! That is one amazing place you call home ~Have a great weekend Love Heather

  9. "Positively Mediterranean" - how funny!

    With your peas - is it too cold there to grow them outdoors? Around here, people plant them really early in the spring, saying that peas like the cold weather. Even our frosts don't kill them. For some reason though, we have not had good success with peas since we've moved back here...which is a shame because, not only do I love eating fresh peas, I also LOVE shelling them. I think shelling peas is perhaps my favorite garden chore. :)

    So, if "them Americans," come to visit, should we bring our extra-tall boots?? ;-)

  10. 17 degrees? That's almost positively Polar to me - well not that cold but today in Autumn the temperature monitor on our dashboard was reading 33 degrees, as we headed home towards the coast, just 5 minutes later, it dropped to 26 c. The air conditioning needed to be turned on at church as we all started to bake mid sermon!
    Loved seeing your pictures of a place to which I have a connection - I don't hear from my cousin very often but it's lovely to hear what's happening on the island. I know she will be happy that spring has arrived too.

  11. wow, the puppy is already bigger. i missed out on what you named him, i'll have to go back and look.

    love all the pics!! the horns on the daddy ram are amazing!

    God bless~

  12. What a lovely day - it's coming into real autumn weather here - we're getting down to 13 at nights now (celcius).
    Lovely to see your pictures - your puppy is just adorable & I always love seeing the farmland right up to the ocean - just beautiful!
    Hope you are going well - I've been away, but it's lovely to catch up on your news now!

  13. Thank you all for stopping by!

    Davene, the lack of warmth isn't really our problem, but the wind. All our plants have to be protected, and double protected, against the almost-constant wind, but if the plant is a taller one, then we have little chance of it surviving...

    The moor was quite different to what it'll be like later in summer - no purple just now, so it does look rather dull... though none of us felt 'dull' out there on Saturday. It was wonderful!

    And Farmchick - what's the straw bale gardening? Is that when you just place seed into straw bales rather than into soil? I'd be fascinated to find out.

    Thank you all for commenting... makes my day to know that I really amn't just talking into cyberspace ;)

  14. I'm a little late getting to this one, the peats look fascinating! We've always loved exploring new places, thanks for giving us a peak at something we've never seen up close before. And 62* sounds pretty good to me, if I lived over there I'd have to always read the temp in F*, not C*, the Celsius sounds too cold!

    We watched a movie this weekend about Scotland, or I should say, about the Stone of Destiny from Scotland. We loved it, and now want to learn more, why this stone is very important. AND, one of the actresses mentioned the "crofters" and thankfully because of you, I knew what she meant! Yay!!!


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