Busy, Busy, Busy

What a busy day I had today.

 First of all I had to move some sheep from one part of the croft to another.

I enlisted some help, but you all know that I was the one doing the hard work.
 Up the road. Towards me.
 and closer.

Er, yes, that's a windscreen wiper. Okay, so yes, I'm in the car. I'd better confess. And now I'm having to reverse all the way back to the house. Sheep...roads...priority. You've heard it all before.
 They were nicely behaved today, walking quietly passed the road into the house.

 Big Brother, his sister, DR and the kids liked to jump into the photos just to make is seem like they were doing the work. 

You all know better, though.

Into the pen for a bit of this and a bit of that.

 A pedicure,

And the lambs were marked. The Blue is Big Brother's colour; and the Orange shows the ram the lamb came from. (This is Mr Wayne's. Doesn't he look good!)

 And these are just cute.

  One of my nephews with a lovely Blackface lamb.

I'm done-in. All that work with the others just looking on. I need some hired help here.

And now, time to wind down


  1. What beautiful lambs, love their little spotted legs!

  2. Great pictures - I feel like I was right there!

  3. I popped over to visit from head heart hand the other day and just haven't left yet... I love it here!!! I thought your puppy was so cute - but these lambs are so so cute!!! Have a nice day up north in the freezing cold!!!

  4. How exhausted you must be! :)
    The lambs with the stripey legs are so cute!

  5. The pictures are just beautiful! The sheep adorable, the land so pretty! I'd've loved to have helped you out in all this hard work! I would've even brought my own....camera? car?(did you have a cup of tea with you?)...er, um...I mean tools!

  6. Some great, close-up pictures! I find it so interesting to see all that you (and your help!) do around there. You definitely earned a good night's rest!

  7. You make me laugh.
    I love your lambs.
    I hope a good night's rest helped you to recover. :)

  8. Thank you all for your concern - yes, a good night's rest did my camera-clicking-fingers the world of good ;)

  9. We want sheep. It'll give us something to do in our spare time!

  10. Loved seeing the area where you live. Tell me what exactly is a croft? The sheep are so cute.

  11. Lovely pictures and sweet lambs. I bet you need to rest today after all of that work. :) I love the horns on those sheep. I want you to know that I totally forgot about you know the C-A-T picture. Next time I post any pictures I will leave you a note to warn you of a scary picture.
    My great grandmother who was Scottish, was the same way. I forgot until I saw your note.
    I was sort of the family weirdo in that I was so crazy about them.
    I understand though and will be more careful in the future. :)

  12. Your little lambs are adorable! I have to have one of those!!!

  13. Could you just send me that sweet lamb?! LOL! He is just too cute for words! Your farm is beautiful, btw.

  14. Beautiful sheep, just magnificent. They all look so clean and white!

    It is strange to see this sheep parade and not see any dogs helping. Great pictures from your windscreen.

  15. love their eyes and spotted legs! so cute!

  16. You work too hard! I love the one where they've just past you and the lambs are walking with their mothers. They really are beautiful. You got a rest today, didn't you?

  17. Wow they are beautiful!! ~Love your homestead it is just gorgeous ~Love Heather

  18. The little lambs are so adorable....I have been wanting a couple of lambs for a long time. Could you tell me what kind these are? Love the sunset shot...thanks for sharing.

  19. So funny! And those lambs - wow, they are CUTE!

  20. Can I welcome Linda, Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails, Backwoods Woman, Chai Chai and Se7en.... thank you all for visiting, and I hope we'll see lots of you in the days to come.

    Linda - the breed of sheep is the Blackface (or the Scottish Blackface, as it's sometimes called). They're hardy, though I reckon Big Brother molly-coddles his ones like no man's business (don't tell him I said that!)

  21. I've been 'unconnected' for a few days and was so happy to come back to such beautiful babies! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  22. oh my gosh - I just LOVE seeing the water so close. Gorgeous pictures!

    And Adam keeps telling us that his favorite animals are sheep - even though he's never seen one in real life!


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