Today's Story

Today's story on the croft...

Jackson loves footwear. Any footwear will do:

Calum's wellies,

 Calum's wellie socks,

And my wellies!

The Builder and DR were busy spreading last year's manure on the plot.

Lovely. Take a deep breath and sniff. You get the whiff? Ahhhhh, good organic.....er, fertiliser.

My babies are growing: Calabrese,


thyme (aren't they cute?!)

I love seeing the seedling pop through the soil. This is a Brussel Sprout.

This Thyme plant was almost dead after the winter (I left it outside, albeit it a sheltered (ahem) spot). But a lot of snipping, a replanting and a little TLC, and it's doing great.

The Builder was removing a fence that was separating the potato plot from the rest of the vegetable plot, and his apprentice was helping move the posts.

I know honey, they're heavy. You're such a strong Wee Guy...

Before you go to the next photo, a warning is in order:

Cute alert: Dawn, from No Place Like Home, and her troops were visiting, and this wee fella is edible beyond words.
The Builder still has the knack with babies. Aww man! This gorgeous wee man just stole my heart.

This was expression every time the flash went off in his face. Gorgeous.


  1. Oh...there is A LOT more chewing coming your way!! Just remember this:
    retriever equals mouth

  2. One of our dogs constantly has a sock in her mouth. She doesn't tear them up, she simply wants to possess them. Your seedlings look wonderful. I have started some but need to get many more going.

  3. What an adorable baby!! Your own little guy appears to be quite the hard worker!!

  4. Looks like you have a good little helper on the farm. I can see why that sweet little baby stole your heart...so cute!

  5. Well....you have squeezed a lot of cuteness into this post!!!

  6. Hide the wellies and all other shoes!!!
    Wee Guy is quite the helper. :-)
    Oh, that little wee man is beautiful!!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Have a blessed weekend.

  7. What a nice lovely way to spend a day. Babies are just a blessing.

  8. aww looks like an awesome day together :D

  9. When I saw the Builder rolling around on the floor with the puppy I thought he was probably good with the wee ones. I recognize some of those bsprouts and thyme replant?? So glad I didn't kill anything!!!!! Well, not yet at least?

  10. Very beautiful post. Lovely photographs. It all helps me form a mental image of your life.

  11. Oh dear about the chewy dog! Puppies do like to chew~ And what a strong little boy you have there how sweet!! and a very cute little baby visiting as well. ~Beautiful pictures Love Heather

  12. Welcome Honest Abe. Lovely to 'meet' you and I hope you'll begin to feel right at home here :)

    Thank you to you all for commenting. Oh that baby is a-dor-able...

  13. Oh my goodness! I was scrolling through thinking about how much I love seeing the sprout pictures and the little strong man and then you hit me with those last few and my heart melted. I don't know how you get anything done when you could be staring at that. Lisa~

  14. Lida, you are clearly under the (mis)apprehension that I *do* get anything done !

  15. What great pictures! Your garden looks to be off to a grand start! The baby...oh...so sweet.....That Wee Guy of yours....amazingly cute! What a great little worker!

  16. What a gorgeous baby! Those eyes!!!

    You are way ahead with your gardening, we've not got our garden spot tilled up yet. We better get a move on.

  17. I love the way that all of us gardeners are getting up close to our sprouting seedlings just now! We're all so proud of them!


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