Jackson on the Beach

The kids and Jackson took a wander down to the beach yesterday. 

Jackson still hasn't recovered. My wee baby just isn't used to that level of excursion. I'll post more photos later, but here's a taster...
You like this pose?
 I could pretend to look busy?
 Does my hair look good like this?
 Or maybe revert to default position: with a shoe.


  1. Found your blog via Farmchick. These are wonderful pics of your puppy. Looks like a fun time!

  2. Oh, my! I didn't realize you guys had a yellow lab! We got ours in Dec. by happenstance! How are you keeping Jackson from biting? I've Never had a lab before...Blessings, Lana @ ilovemy5kids

  3. I'm so glad he remembered his to take his shoe to the beach! I love the picture w/ his ears flopping up - such a great action shot!

  4. Hi Lana - I noticed your photo of hubby holding a Lab puppy ;) He does bite a wee bit, though he's better in the space of a week than when he came first. We're very strict with biting.... tap on the nose any time he does it, and stopping playing with him :(
    But I think Labs and stuff-in-their-mouths just seem to go hand in hand.... Have you had any luck with stopping it?

  5. What a cute little guy! I love labs, they make such great family dogs :) And I got those bowls at anthropologie here http://bit.ly/hbJ0yn and here http://bit.ly/hnQn7J They're not too expensive for anthropologie, either, which is nice :)

  6. He's cute no matter what pose he strikes. Love, love the pics! Next year, maybe you'll make a Jackson calendar? ;o)

  7. Great pictures. Love the flying ears!


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