Homeschoolers Visiting

We had a homeschoolers' get-together today. For the sake of having a theme, we celebrated our Queen's birthday. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was 85 today. 

Sadly, because of the preparations for next week's wedding, she wasn't able to join us for our party.

It means she missed out on this.

 The table before anyone arrived. Flags, bunting and a Queen Elizabeth timeline.

She also missed out on the Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet cake with cream cheese frosting and Smarties.

I bet she's never had the privilege of the PW's Chocolate cake with Smarties on top. I know if she had, she would have foregone the preparations and joined us.

Oh well, one can't have it all, can one?

 Part of the timeline, showing her birth and the day she became heir to the throne. Her father wasn't 'supposed' to be king. However, his brother, King Edward VII abdicated, leaving George to become king, and the young Princess Elizabeth became heir to the throne.

 Throughout the decades she has been Queen, nobody can question her commitment to duty, her loyalty to our country, and her dignity in all the circumstances - many of them hugely unexpected, desperately sad and terribly difficult - life has thrown at her.

The day was so lovely, we jumped ship and headed down to the beach. Today it was baseball/rounders. The rules were made-up-as-we-went-along, although our kids seemed sure their way was the way.

 Again, we had the beach to ourselves.

 Mind you, although it was gorgeously sunny, it wasn't warm. Only about 10C (around 50F).

 This was the beach when we left it.
 And the dunes, where the kids spent part of the time.

And now a photo of tonight's sunset from my back door. Time for a long bath and a good book.


  1. Oh...such a lovely day! What a fun thing to celebrate! When my daughter and I were in London a few years ago, five to be exact...we got to see a display of her dresses! I didn't realize what a tiny woman she is! Probably NOT the most remarkable thing to bring up...her gowns were beautifully stunning and all....but - even so, that is now what comes to mind when I picture her.
    Glad you had the opportunity to celebrate her, and get together w/ like minded people! That is a celebration in and of itself!

  2. Oh! And the sunset is beautiful! What a lovely place that you call home!

  3. Maybe the queen would have enjoyed the beach too!

  4. I feel sure the Queen would have been honored. I'm thinking she would have also enjoyed being at the party. Beautiful photos.

  5. Beautiful what a lovely Day....to bad the Queen could not make it I think once she see's the cake she missed and all the pictures of her birthday celebration she will be most upset lol!!~ Great Pictures Love Heather

  6. She missed out on a fun event! I hope your friend's daugher's prophecy comes true.

  7. Looks like a great time together. And the lunch looks like quite the event for the Queen!

  8. Many years ago I visited Scotland and got to shake the hand of the queen and her mother. It was a small town in the north. She was just coming off of her yacht and I think there were only a couple Americans there. I felt quite priveleged. I don't know how she could miss such a lovely event as yours. Priorities.

    That is a wonderful beach.

  9. Too bad she couldn't attend. Although, I would have been honored to sit in her place. I love PW's sheet cake and I love homeschooled children!

  10. Thank you all for your comments. I shall let Her Majesty know you were all extending Happy Birthday greetings to her!

    Keri On - she is very small. Did you see the photo, last year, of herself and Prince Philip with the Obamas. Now, I know the Obamas are very tall, but our Queen looked ....well, almost like me!! (in height only!)

    Mrs Santos....wow! The Royal Yacht is not longer :(. Mr Blair, in his wisdom, felt it was an expense the country could do without (I didn't see him getting rid of half our MPs and ALL our MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) to save money. Huh! It might save my sanity too :) Sorry, rant over! The Queen sailed this way most years - she loved the islands, so I know she'd have chosen the afternoon on the beach anyday over being in London. But, poor woman, she doesn't get to choose...

    Melissa - next time, we'll celebrate *your* birthday, and you *will* turn up!

  11. love the decorations!!!

    i agree...every sunset is unique and worth getting excited over! truly beautiful~


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