Salsa from Maine

My dear friend from Pennsylvania - my hired help - bought me this the other day.

It was actually bought on the island, but is a product of the USA. I have to say the salsa is probably the tastiest I've ever had, but she bought it for me because of the company's name:
Stonewall Kitchen

(Imagine! And her a Northerner!)

Have any of you heard of the company? It's based in Maine, USA. I can't believe that this island has jars of salsa all the way from Maine. Can we not make salsa in this country?! 

To any of you in Maine, or in Lewis, or anywhere in between, this product is delicious. Well worth seeking out. 

Er, hang on - there is nowhere between Maine and Lewis - we're practically neighbours!

(Just occurred to me: does any food company want to take me on as a tester/taster. I would be more than willing, and would take great delight in testing foods of any description, as long as they were cakes, chocolate, salsa, puddings or just generally delicious.)


  1. How nice I think that is so nice you got a jar like that. So you are a big fan of Stonewall Jackson? I am a fan of Robert E. Lee. :)

  2. Oh I love Salsa my husband makes very good salsa~ Mango salsa is a wonderful combination ~I have not heard of that company ~Enjoy ~Love Heather

  3. I've loved EVERYTHING I've ever tried from that company! They also make delightful pancake mixes, syrups, jellies.... yummy!

  4. Stonewall Kitchen products can be found everywhere in the US. Since becoming popular their prices have increased, making them expensive, by my standards at least. All of their products are tasty, though. It's fun to find them on sale (rare) and give them as gifts.


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