Red Arrows, and My Most Popular FB Photo Ever

I post on Homeschool on the Croft's Facebook page most days. In fact, most days, I probably post more than once. Last week however, I posted a photo my nephew, Mark, had taken - a selfie, no less - and the reach of the photo was around ten times the average reach of my normal photos.

This was the photo ...

...and so I'm not a bit surprised so many people loved the photo. Here's Mark, along with some other ATC boys, standing with the actual Red Arrows pilots. 

Let me say that again: the actual Red Arrows pilots.

These are the elite of the elite. They are Red Arrows pilots for only three years, lest complacency sets in. Yeah, they are good.

And it shows.


Their displays are simply awesome. The skill, the concentration, the perfection.

There is simply no margin for error.

Did you notice? Yes, this plane is indeed flying upside down. I can not begin to imagine how it must feel watching these displays if one of your loved ones is one of the pilots. I could barely stand the strain myself...

If you watch these YouTube videos, you can learn some  more about these awesomely talented guys:

And then you can, along with me, be thankful if your sons never grew up wanting to be pilots.

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