Remember these....

I'm whispering this in case the girls hear me...

Do you remember these?

I knew you would. 
Once seen an' all that.

Anyway - and this is why I'm having to whisper - last week, the girls were at camp, so when I went to the Carloway Agricultural Show, I got to wear them.

In Public.

And in peace.

Not only that, but I wore them with these:

That's right - with cut-offs, so they weren't even hidden underneath long trousers!

If you don't hear from me again, you'll know that the girls have seen this post and have done something terrible to me.

Or worse, they may do something terrible to my lovely boots, and so I will have done something even worse to them!


  1. *gulps*

    *remains speechless*

    (just kidding...kind of)

  2. Mother dearest, I am going to remain calm and dignified. But please understand this: My Dear Sister and I are never, Never, and I repeat NEVER going to do any more chores for you, unless we really want to. Please do not expect this to be an empty threat. We are deadly serious. Love Catherine

  3. I love these shoes! :) I think they are especially fine for gardening. :) And my friends consider me adequately stylish...

  4. Char - you are a friend for life! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
    I honestly don't see the problem others have with them. You'll already know, but it's worth saying again..... I love 'em!
    Did you see the Facebook page my 'friends' set up for them? http://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-to-Good-Home/119133208136452?v=wall
    Love, Anne x
    ....and thanks for stopping by x

  5. Weeeeell *nobody* but nobody was complaining about them in the *garden* (apart from 2 young ladies), actually they are quite decent for the garden, shoes get ruined there.... ;-)

    But wearing them to the shops with PINK trousers, that is a whole different ball game. I'd like to see someone agree to that :-P (actually I hope I will never see that happen, that would be....awful).


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