Day 5

Tonight, we have the Builder's sister and her family as well as the Big Brother.

We'll be feeding 11, so we have:

Roast Chicken
Smashed Potatoes
(I'm leaving the bacon out tonight - because we're budgeting. But I can vouch for them being absolutely delicious with the bacon.)
Roasted Carrots
Broccoli and Cheese Sauce

I stuffed each chicken with half a lemon and some sage.
The Thyme I placed on top of each chicken

Here they are in all their glory, awaiting heat!

Someone out there who knows their herbs.... Is this a stupid thing to do with Thyme?

I think I'll go and open the oven right now and stick it inside with the Lemon and Sage.

What d' ya reckon?

For pudding, we're having a repeat of the other night: Hot banana loaf, toffee sauce and ice-cream.
I didn't have any time today to make another dessert, so we'll be having what's in.

Toffee Sauce

1/2 lb butter
1lb dark brown sugar
1 pt double cream.

Melt slowly and stir whilst it's heating. It's easy to store and freeze extra.
Then it's all ready in the freezer when you need it. And that could be often!

(As I said before, we're counting pennies, not calories!)


  1. You mean topping it with thyme? You'll probably find that it shrivels up and turns dark, but it will still taste perfectly good! :) -Rachel

  2. Anne,
    You have been busy since I last checked in. I have missed a lot. Love the meals. I don't know what it is about seeing what other people are fixing for dinner that makes me want to cook up a nice meal for the family. I haven't cooked much in the last several days, because we have all been a little "under the weather" and not very hungry. But those chickens, sausages, mashed potatoes, fajitas Scotch broth and Banana loaves are getting my appetite stirred up again. Great pics. MMMMMM good. P.S. loved the shoes, and your daughter's comments cracked me up. Sometimes a Mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do he he.

    Also, loved the way you plan ahead for extra's for Sunday Dinner, I think that is wonderful.
    Much love, and Many Blessings

  3. You go to so much more work that we (I) do in making meals. We really do eat to live, it's fuel only, protein, carbs, fruit/veg and dairy.

    This comment got to being really long, so I've emailed you privately, did you get my email re your testimony post?

  4. Anne,

    Now I know what Cillantro is, CORRIANDER!!!!!!!! Thanks! Over here loads of recipes ask for some fancy stuff called Cilantro; I looked for it in dry spices and found it, never knowing what it really was.
    Coriander sounds much better. Do you know what they call courgettes here? Zuchinni. At first I thought people meant Zuchi/ suchi, that raw fish stuff. Just a few of the little cultural mix ups I have GOT ( not GOTTEN ) into since coming here. Isn't it funny how the same language can mean different things . However, I love the fact that the language of the Gospel is the same and that those in Christ love the same Saviour and speak the same language of forgiveness of sins through the precious Lord Jesus.

  5. Mmmmmmmm looks and sounds so yummy!! Getting me so hungry. You sure are inspiring me to start making a menu for the week. I seem to waste more food when I just shop for sales but don't have much planing before hand. Love love love all your planing :)

    ~ Marie

  6. Well, the menu planning is a real winner - a definite MUST for budgeting and not wasting food. So, *why* do I not do it every week??!!
    Note to self: must try harder. Actually, I'm gonna sit with the girls sometime today and do next week's, because we'll be doing the shopping later today.

    Yes, Shona - I took a while with the Coriander/Cilantro thing. And isn't it weird how the Americans say 'gotten' (sorry, guys!) ....!
    But I love your last comment: how *this* language can break ALL language barriers, and the love of Christ makes 'one' of us all.
    Missing you ...

    H: I did get your e-mail, and every day I'm going to reply. Maybe today....

    Love, Anne x

  7. Oh, and just to say, H, .... normally I wouldn't have these herbs - certainly not as me budgeting. This is because they're 'there' - in my garden!
    And normally, I'd probably use pasta/rice/noodles dishes more often, but I was trying to use what I have - and at the moment - that's lots of potatoes and veg! For example, tonight (Fri), we'd probably have stir-fry and noodles, but I don't have noodles in, so I'm *making* myself use stuff I've got.... not easy always....when all I can think of just now is stir-fry and noodles!
    A x

  8. A great way to use fresh herbs when roasting poultry is to gently separate the skin from the flesh by peeling it away a little at a time with your fingers. Then put some chunks of butter between the skin and the flesh. Squeeze you hands way to the back and get some all over then tuck in the fresh herbs. You will find the flavor penetrates the meat and the butter keeps that white meat from becoming dry.

    Hope that helps!

  9. Ah, thanks for that, Chili Pepper. That's what I should have done, right enough. The sage and lemon inside certainly flavoured the meat. Unfortunately, shortly after I wrote this post last night, hubbie phoned me to take him to A&E (Accident and Emergency) - he's cut his hand and ended up with 5 stitches :-(
    ....Thanks for visiting
    Love, A x


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