Three Ships...

When we were in Skye last week, this cruise ship was anchored just out of Portree. 

What a beauty!

Many of the onlookers at the wedding in Portree were from this ship, the Westerdam. The ship had sailed from Rotterdam, and most of the cruisers were from the Netherlands. An elderly man, who was watching the wedding along with his son, spoke to me, and he was originally from South America. He had lived in the Netherlands for many years. I would have loved to have asked him how he ended up in the Netherlands, all the way from South America, but he really struggled to communicate the simplest of questions of English.
Don't these kind of questions fascinate you? I'd have loved to have heard his story.

Last Friday, we saw this ship anchored off Stornoway.

She's much smaller than the Westerdam (above), but she was lovely, nevertheless.

Here's a photo I took whilst in Stornoway on Friday

And as I write this post, this ship is passing us.

As it passes right now, the Sea Land Mercury is full of containers, and has no visible gaps like the photo above shows.
She's on her way to Newark, and once again she didn't stop to pick us up.

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