For long enough, I wasn't able to grow coriander (cilantro) successfully.

It would grow tall and thin, and go to seed without giving me nice, large, flat leaves.

Then, after looking for answers in books and online, I discovered they didn't like the heat.

I'd had them in the greenhouse, and even in our very cool summer, it was too warm for them.

So, I planted new seed, and set them outside immediately. If they wanted 'cool', boy, they got it!

They obliged! At long last, I had my big, flat leaves.

And here is what the other ones were like. I kept this one to compare.

Coriander is my favourite herb, so I'm sooooo glad I've been able to work out what I was doing wrong before.


  1. I have some in my windowsill growing, I'm surprised they are growing so well as it's on the side of the house that gets the sunshine! I never realised they like cold.

    I made lovely carrot & corriander with a hint of curry soup last week mmmmm... what else do you do with corriander?

  2. I tried to grow herbs a few years and the deer kept eating it! The last straw was the year I tried to grow tomatos and peppers and I got the tiniest little tomato and pepper! just one each - and the deer ate each one!

    so frustrating!


  3. Oh Tracy, that is soooo maddening, isn't it? I haven't been successful with peppers either, though I have some plants (early stages) growing this year. Mind you, I think they were chilli peppers....not really sure any more, so will just have to take what comes! IF anything comes!
    Thanks for stopping by
    Love, Anne x


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