10 things....

Here are 10 things you may, or may not know, about me.

1. I have a phobia. You will have to guess it. (Answers on a postcard...) Is it:
a) a fear of any untidiness in my kitchen
b) a fear of ever wearing clothing that's not designer wear
c) ...I can't write it. I'm being serious, but I'll do this quickly. It rhymes with fat, and it begins with 'c'.

Aaarrghh. Quickly onto the next one.

2. Before I married, I didn't have a maternal bone in my body. 

No kidding. If my sister and I were out, she would coo and cah at every baby in sight. I would go and speak to the nearest dog. Absolute truth.

3. When I heard about homeschooling for the very first time, I thought it was the best thing I'd ever heard of. Only it wasn't for me. I thought the idea was wonderful, and if only I was an organised sort of person, it would be fab.

4.  I'm not an organised-sort-of person.

5.  I began homeschooling nevertheless.

6.  My children call me Mrs Forgetful (on a good day). On a bad day..... well, we'll leave that, I think.

7.  Ephesians 1 is probably my favourite chapter in the Bible. And, 'Accepted in the Beloved' is my favourite phrase from Ephesians 1.

8.  I'm not a 'pink' person. I never have been. It's unlikely I ever will be. Our eldest daughter was never a 'pink' person either. I'm convinced she was born wearing blue. Thankfully, it wasn't green. I don't like green.

9.  I worry. But only about certain things. My children's salvation is first on my list. Financial worries rear their head often. I should trust more. God has never given me any reason not to trust Him. But I am a very slow learner.

10.  My husband and I were 'just good friends' for about 7 years before we got together. Then we were married within a year. Oh, and for these 7 years, nobody would believe that we were 'just good friends'. And of course, when we became 'more than just good friends', they all said 'Told you!'


  1. I've been going to do this post topic for a while now, just haven't got round to it!

    Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Lol Anne! I am with you on the phobia thing, only mine has eight legs not four.

    Ditto re the not a maternal bone in my body. I hated other people's children, had no interest in peering in prams or holding babies (and to this day am never very sure how to relate to any childen other than my own under the age of about 13!)

    I knew my dh 9 weeks before we got engaged and we got married 7 months later. Not that my children will ever dare do anything similar.

    I don't mind pink on girls - my youngest is definitely a pinky type. The older three prob aren't, Const never was. I'd swear at the age of three she was probably trying to dress out of "baby Vogue" if there was such a thing. . .

    And I'm not organised either. I used to think that I'd eventually get there if I kept trying, but life is not entirely fair, the goalposts keep moving as each year each child gets older and I'm dealing with a whole new ball game.

    I don't worry any more. Not cos I'm more sanctified. But cause I don't have the time nor the strength to think past today, much of the time.

    Some more things about me:

    I cry at the drop of a hat. Or something simpler even. I'm soft hearted and just howl at sad stories even if they are not true. The children have learned that nothing is wrong simply cos mom is in floods of tears (again)

    I only wear clothes (99%) of the time because they are comfortable or I like the colour. The fact that they are ten yrs old and horribly out of fashion doesn't concern me, though I'm sure Const has nightmares about.

    I hate housework (should have thought of that before we had 12 kids, eh?), but it's a necessary evil and I believe in every possible mod-con to make it as simple as possible (like we have two hoovers, one upstairs and one down, to save having to move it; and it means two people can hoover at the same time too :-))

    I love to wear wooden clogs!


  3. I just want you to know we have sooooo many things in common! Would you believe that my husband and I were just good friends too? Same reaction when we got married......told you!

    Anna and I both don't enjoy pink.

    My forgetfulness is coming more and more....is it because I am going to be 46?

    I enjoyed learning about you!

    (Anna's Momma)

  4. Thanks for coming by and saying a sweet hello! I used to nanny in England way back when and I had traveled up to Scotland with the family. It is such a beautiful country...so different than what I am used to.

  5. We were just good friends too! And we got the, 'told you' comments too! and I was never remotely maternal until my mum had my youngest brother when I was 19. Now though, I think my hubby is worrying when my baby fixation will end :)

  6. Loved this post Anne,

    My husband and I too were only friends four years before we got together. :D Its one of my delights to sit and read your blog.

    Much love and God bless,



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