Today's Weather...

Today, we have blue skies.

And, because this is August, and without a breeze, we would have the dreaded midges, I must report that we also have wind.


You know, I had full washing lines the day Google took their photos for Google Street Maps.

They really should have warned me. 
I could have had anything hanging on there.


  1. Oh my, what a funny thought! Unmentionables hanging from the line the day Google Street Maps takes a picture.

    Our entire state is almost mapped out, and we have no idea when the pictures were taken. It's kind of an odd feeling seeing your home on a street-level map, not knowing who took the pictures or when?

    What a beautiful blue sky there in Scotland! My laundry will be hanging out, under overcast skies today.

    Mrs. C

  2. What a nice day! Here, too, but getting hot again and a hurricane looks to be bearing down on us. We'll see how that goes.

  3. Mrs C - it is odd, isn't it, seeing your house *that* close on the street maps. I really would have left the washing in had I known they were taking the photos. I would have tidied around the house too!

    Laurie - the weather here the past few days has been unbelievably gorgeous. It's by far the best weather we've had this year. Next year, I think you should look at a Sept holiday!
    Love Anne x


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