Half an hour on the Beach

The sun shone today. I mean really, really shone.

The temperature was well into the 60s. That's HOT.

So I decided to chuck my work, and the three younger ones and myself had half an hour on the beach.

We didn't go to the sea. We only had a short time, so we went to the sand dunes instead.

Here are some photos.

These clumps of flowers have appeared on the beach this year for the first time ever. Isn't that odd.

They're lovely, but where did they come from?

Lilac flower

And so back home


  1. It *really* did shine!! How funny we had such heavy rain!

    The beach looks lovely in the pictures... I haven't been there since we were courting! Which is a little worrying, especially as my children never believed there was a beach in the vacinity!!

  2. It looks like a lovely place. Oh to go to Scotland someday.

  3. Fun! Is that you jumping off the tall tufts of grass? If it is, you look like a girl after my own heart.

  4. It's my eldest daughter. It *is* like me at her age (though she's taller!), but I'm happier watching them now, rather than doing the actual jumping!
    We were at the sand dunes yesterday for such a short time, but it really gave us a boost. It was lovely and warm (by our poor standards!), sunny, and...fun!
    Love, and thanks for stopping by
    Anne x

  5. What a blessing to live near a place so beautiful as your dunes. I've always dreamed of going to Scotland, my grandfather's family immigrated to the States from there and I've longed to see the place where our descendants came from. For now I'll be content visiting Scotland through your blog.

  6. I just love your beach. It looks so lovely. 30 minutes can't be enough. A couple of days would suit. I love those flowers. How interesting that they were never there before. Refreshing post. I've been dreaming of a beach vacation this summer, but it didn't come to pass... , maybe next year:).
    Love and Blessings,


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