School's Back....

....but not for us!

All the schools on the island go back today. And we don't!!

I love homeschooling. But there's something especially sweet about it the day all the schools go back. I feel like a child with a sweetie who's being very rude to a friend and saying, 'Hahahahahee. I've got a sweetie. And you don't'

Isn't that awful of me? I'm sorry, but I love it!


  1. LOL so cute!!! I loved your analogy! :)

  2. I feel the same way each year when the public school kids return and we are all happily at home. And I feel guilty for it, too : )

    But it is so nice to have the shopping malls and libraries be so vacant again.


  3. Are there any other home school families on the island or close by? Its so fun to hear about. Many Blessings for your new school year. Look forward to hearing about it.


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