Day 4!

Tonight it's Stewed Sausages
(and some beefburgers too - just 'cos they were in) and
Mashed Potatoes

....stewing with our own carrots

Our kids (and us adults too!) love stewed sausages. 

One thing: I'd love to buy all our meat from a local butcher, but we just cannot do it, financially. However, sausages are my one 'must' from the butcher. I just cannot bring myself to buy supermarket sausages, so I always buy them from our local butcher. Very tasty.

No pudding tonight!


  1. *drool* I LOVE stewed sausages...and my *must* is that they come from the butcher as well. W.J's are my fav, they're not too spicy and just right.

  2. Wow this is looks so delicious Anne! I love the picture of the gorgeous carrots also :)

    I do wish we had a local butcher. We only have the local grocery stores.


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