Another week....Another show!

Just a couple of photos from another Agricultural show here on the island.

'Failte' means 'Welcome'

This was last Wednesday at the Carloway Show, and my nieces and nephew entered their dog in the Canine Competition!

Lovely Louie got 2nd for Best Young Handler

Or should it be the handler that got the prize?!

Anyway, either way, the kids were delighted, and here are my two nieces and my nephew with their collie. (As you can see, my wee guy sneaked into the photo too!)

I got some photos of sheep, and when I showed them to the Big Brother the other night, he was so proud of me. 
Did you hear that? 
He. Was. So. Proud. Of. Me.
Apparently, most of the photos were of his sheep.

He thought I knew what I was doing, and had deliberately pointed my camera at his sheep.
(There are differences???)
Anyway, here are some sheep photos.

....and some pensive owners, awaiting judging.
Uuhhh - no, Anne. It's the sheep that get judged. Not the owners.


....here's my nephew 'showing' the lovely Louie.

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  1. Great pictures!!

    Looks like you had a lovely day! We went on a picnic that day, and it was pouring in town!!


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