Early morning ramblings...

This week, I have been up first.

I'll say that again. I've been up, out of bed, first. Before my dear husband.

What d'ya mean, 'So what?'

This is noteworthy, that's what! This is not right, that's what! This.....this....I'm sure this isn't right. Because..... Well, just because. There's something in the marriage vows about it - yeah?uh.... about us supposed to get to lie in longer in the mornings. Isn't there?

Well, nobody ever told me there wasn't.

Anyway, seeing as I've been such an early bird, I've been out and about taking some photos today.

We have a new neighbour. Isn't he gorgeous.
And here's Mamma, not looking too friendly.
It's okay, honey. I'm only admiring. Not a thought of T-bone steaks, or roasts, or....
Who said that? What on earth possessed anyone to think of that just now.
It's not even breakfast time.

C'mon. Let's leave that rambling, dangerous looking woman where she is.

This is a male calf from last year. Isn't he soooo cute. I love him.

I am the only boy in this field. I am here to look after the others.
Noone calls me CUTE. You got it?!
Yep, I get it, big boy......

Some of the leafy plants in the coldframe
They don't answer me back when I talk to them.

I may become vegetarian.

On the other hand...... That just aint gonna happen. Not whilst I'm married to my lovely, handsome, meat-eating, sleeping-in husband.

Calabrese seedlings for later planting.

Actually, this year, everything is a wee bit later, with the weather not having warmed up much.

The plot right now. The cloches are for insulation; under the cloches are carrots, parsnips, beetroot and swedes. You can see the first carrots beginning to come through.

Out and about, I wear my favourite footwear ever. Ever, ever, ever.
My daughters think..... well, it's not advisable to write what they think.
You are free to think what you will. I will love these forever. !!

Of course, if you know anything about my dear girls, you'll know why they're threatening to leave home if I ever go out in these boots again. They hate them. I love them. We go back a long way. A very loooong way!

My boots in all their glory


  1. Love the post, made me laugh!!! That's all I'm saying!!

  2. Funny post! What an enjoyable morning you had! I love getting up before everyone else and having the solitude of the morning to myself.


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