My New Griddle

Thanks, Mum!

Mum gave me a new griddle. Before this, I only ever used a mixture of frying pans for making pancakes, but now I have my very own 'greideal'.

So, what better way to get started with it.....

A fry-up for the boys....

...and a plateful of these.

Their arteries would sing a song, but they're all clogged up.

A fry-up is not my cup o' tea at all, but they love it for an occasional brunch.

Pancakes, however, is my right down my street....

Lots and lots of them.

One with butter; one with jam.... One with butter; one with jam....

The New Year Resolutions will kick in sometime, but not while the holidays are ongoing!

I guess there are as many recipes for pancakes as there are good intentions at the beginning of January. Here's the one I use, taken from the original Free Church cookbook.

8oz (225g) self-raising flour
3oz (75g) castor sugar
3/4 tsp bicarb of soda
1 1/5 (one and a half) tsp cream of tartar
pinch salt
2 eggs
1 dessert spoon syrup
1 tblsp cooking oil
8 tblsp milk

(The tablespoon measure is the actual tablespoon measure; not the item of cutlery!)

1. Grease griddle (I do this only sometimes, and only very lightly with butter)

2. Sieve all dry ingredients into a bowl.

3. Add eggs, syrup, oil and milk and beat well.

4. Bake dessert spoons of mixture on prepared griddle, turning pancakes to do underside.

5. Cool between a folded tea-towel to prevent drying out.

I've found the key to pancakes is the heat of the griddle. I begin heating the griddle, or griddles, on a low heat before I begin making the pancakes. This gives an even heat over the surface of the whole pan.


  1. Yum yum yum. I love pancakes too and use this same recipe, and I heat the griddle while making the mixture too!

    You have now put me in mind of a wee batch of pancakes for supper ♥

  2. drooooooool, pancakes, oooooohh!!!!!

    Any idea where she bought the griddle?

  3. I think the fry up looks great!

  4. I'm a pancake fan! Enjoy the griddle.

  5. Oh my fave!! I never met a pancake I didn't like lol!! But then I do say that about cookies as well ..Ever try pancakes with peaches on top...That is a good looking fry up!! nice griddle ~Love Heather

  6. Those pancakes look so good!
    That's funny. I was just looking at a cookbook that showed those eggs fried in a hole in the bread. I think my boys would like them. Now I'll have to try them. I love my griddle!!!

  7. That does it. I'm stopping by for a fry-up. Oh wait, I can't just do that, can I? I mean,I woooould do that (lol), but there's the little issue of crossing the pond and all. ;-)
    Seriously, that meal looks DELISH! I too only have pans for making pancakes (shouldn't they be called griddle cakes? Seems so.) Enjoy your new griddle to the fullest.

  8. Last Valentine's Day I bought my husband a waffle iron. He loved it. He loves to make waffles with our kids on quiet Saturday mornings. I am thinking this year it is a griddle! Your's look absolutely yummy!

  9. Toni - stop by anytime!

    And the same to any of you... x


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