Men? Or Boys?

You know you're getting older when you call these guys...


I call my two sons 'boys'. Naturally.

I realised today that I also call the Builder's Big Brother and the Baby Brother 'the boys'.

They have a combined age of nearly ninety. And if you add the Builder in there, then their combined age reaches over 130. Why am I calling them boys? 

I hear myself all the time:

'Call the boys in for dinner.'

'Are the boys finished outside?'

'Is that the boys arriving home?'

Boys, boys, boys.

"Anne, grow up."
Sorry, must re-phrase that. I gave up on that about 35 years ago when I was nine.

So, what do I call them? Do I say, 'Call the menfolk in for dinner'.

Oooh, I kinda like the sound of that. 

'The menfolk'

It makes me feel all protected and safe. 

My Boys. And my Man.


  1. You have some very nice lookin' "men folk." The reason I am always calling my "men folk" "the boys" is because part of them will ALWAYS be boys!

    The joke around our house when my son was in Jr. High school - about 12-13 years old - was that my son would eventually grow up, but my husband would always remain in Jr. High!!

  2. Here I go again, but isn't your wee guy so cute!?

    I like the sound of men-folk too. Mind you, I have to agree with the above comment about men always being boys!

  3. I oscillate between "boys" and "guys". But you're right, "menfolk" does sound more chivalrous.

  4. Great pictures of your "menfolk". I have to admit that I use the term boys as well.

  5. Menfolk has a nice ring to it, what is the singular for menfolk, (since Mr. C is the one and only in this household)?lol ;o)

    Since I'm always only talking to our girls about him, it's just "your dad" or "your papa".

  6. What a handsome family you have. I have a son and a daughter, and I call them "guys." "Hey guys, its time for supper." "Hey guys, come here for a minute." It is snowing here in Missouri, and cold. Hope all is well with you :)!

  7. My brothers are "the boys," too - ages 44 and 40. They don't seem to mind...although, as you say, they aren't in the room when the words are uttered. Still, it'd be okay with them.

  8. what attractive menfolk you grow over there. do you clone them? they look like three different versions of the same - carol

  9. Oh, I call the children 'guys' all the time too. If I'm calling them all from downstairs, I'll just say, 'Guys! Dinner!'. My Mum *hates* it. Every time she hears me, she says, 'Anne, your girls are NOT guys' !! Oops!

    Carol, so many people say to me that I have my husband, one mini-me and one mini-mini-me! They're peas out of the same pod, right enough! x


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