Confused? You will be.

Conversation between Catherine and I this evening:

Cath: So, who was the man that died?

Me: ...a brother of Alastair Ban.

Cath: Oh yeah, sits behind us in church.

Me: that's right. And did you know that his wife is a sister of Domhnall Ban, our elder?

Cath: Really? I didn't realise that.

Me: And did you know that Domhnall Ban's wife was related to me?

Cath: On your mum's side?

Me: Yep. And you know Uncle Iain, Dad's uncle?

Cath: Uhuh. 

Me: Well, he was only dad's uncle by marriage. His wife - Auntie Mairead - was Dad's aunt. But Uncle Iain was related to me.

Cath: Er... I thought he was Dad's uncle??

Me: But only by marriage. He was related to me.

Cath: So, Dad's uncle isn't really his uncle, but he is related to you.....

These kind of conversations could only happen in Lewis.

Or maybe in the deep South!!

So, just to clarify: Dad's aunt's husband's sister's husband's sister's husband's brother.... is the one who passed away. Got it?


  1. LOL! Too funny! I won't even begin to give a relative lesson in our family. Just crazy. Of course, I am from the south. :)

  2. I'm glad you understand it, because you confused me on this one. lol

  3. Funny and this could happen around here!

  4. Great stuff! And you are right, only in the Deep South or a Gaelic nation would anyone know all that and be able to recite it!

  5. Haha this post made me giggle! That conversation reminds me of sooo many I have with my mum! I think at one point everyone within a gaelic community has been confused as to how exactly everyone is related to each other.

  6. Oh my! Sounds a bit like my hubby's family! Too many for me to wrap my mind around!
    Thanks for dropping by today and for leaving a comment! I so enjoy *meeting* people from all over this big ol' planet! Makes it seem just a wee bit smaller, don't you think?

  7. Hello. I've never commented before, but I really enjoy your blog and have been reading it for a couple of months now.

    This story made me laugh! I'm from northern Indiana, and if you talk to anyone from an Amish/Mennonite background you'll get the very same thing. People around here don't have family trees...they have whole forests!


    -Kaitlyn McCullough

  8. Haha! That's funny, Kaitlyn.... whole forests!!

  9. OH, I'm too tired to try and figure that one out, I'll just take your word for it, and congratulate you for being able to keep it all straight.

    I've been helping a friend paint, and I've been away a few days. It's great to stop by and see you're doing a great job at confusing us!lol

    xo Mrs. C

  10. I forgot to mention, the picture of the cupcake up there, up yonder, at the top of your blog page, it makes me hungry every time I see it! I do love cupcakes!

  11. oh yes this happens down south all the time. we're sitting around a dinner table, or at a family get together, or just trying to figure out is we know "their people". as in "i think their people are from up around Eureka springs. he is my mama's cousin's boy." and everyone nods. carol

  12. I have a feeling these conversations will be happening with many of the families in our church in another decade or so. After a while we'll all be related... somehow.

  13. Oh my goodness Anne, There isn't a post that goes by that will make me laugh. You are so much fun!!!

    ~ Marie

  14. No, I didn't get it. Can you explain it one more time? ;-)

  15. You really want me to, Davene?!

    Well, it's like this.... hah! only kidding. I wouldn't do that to you all.

    If you could here hubby and his brother at the dinner table here - nearly every evening, beginning with someone they met that day, or someone they visited.... and we get their whole - WHOLE - family history....
    zzzzzzzz !


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