Another Ten Useless Facts About....Me

1. I love the fact that my darling brother-in-law has sheep. (Keep it to yourselves, but.... think Lamb Curry)

2. Coriander (cilantro, I believe, is what you call it across the Pond) is my favorite herb.

3. I had to throw out all my coriander plants last month because of greenfly.

4. I hate greenfly.

5. As I write this, I am watching the Atlantic crash onto the Butt of Lewis throwing waves dozens of feet into the air.

6. I love calm seas when I'm on the ferry.

7. I love rough seas when I'm sitting in the Family Room watching the waves.

8. The kids are in the garage playing Table Tennis right now.

9. I haven't stepped onto my Treadmill yet.
(But the flu I had is the reason. Honest)

10. I thought when my first child was born it would be impossible to love another child the same way I loved him.

(Then I had a second. And a third. And a fourth. And I realised it just doesn't work like I thought. Thankfully)


  1. I love learning more about blog friends. Hope you are all recovered from the flu, and feeling much better.

    That sounds incredible, to be able to watch waves crashing onto the shore, from your family room.

    I love cilantro, it has such a clean fresh taste. I'm assuming you were growing it indoors? Does it flourish like that? When growing it outdoors here, it does well until the weather gets too hot for it, it can't take the summer heat. I should try growing it indoors perhaps.

  2. Some wonderful facts! I can see why it would be much nicer to watch the waves then be on them. I am not sure what green fly is but if it ruined your coriander then I don't like it either lol!! Have a blessed week ~Happy Monday!!~Love Heather

  3. I cannot imagine being able to watch the waves like you can. Fantastic

  4. ohhhhhhhhh....i love cilantro!!!

  5. You have such wonderful things to watch there! I know what you mean about having a child and thinking you could never love one more. Then along comes the next and it's true love. (Repeat as needed.) I love my 4 girls so much, but I really had to adjust to the fact that they are so very different and so individual. That's pretty cool too!

  6. I thought the same thing when I had my 1st baby! Isn't it funny how mommy hearts make room for everyone. The quality of the love is the same! God knew the world needed mamas.


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