Why, oh Why!

I said in a previous post that the girls and I were looking over all aspects of their curriculum, and, as part of our review, we spoke about every individual subject they were doing. 

When it came to Science, Catherine - who is focussing on Biology just now - said, 'Oh I love Science. That's probably my favourite subject right now'.

Katie's lessons in Science, on the other hand, have been focussing on atoms and such like. Poor Katie looked at me, and moaned, 'Oh I hate Science!'

'Hate Science?', I said. 'How can anyone hate learning about the world God has made?'

'But why', she wailed, 'Why, oh why did God have to make a world with atoms and protons and neutrons in it? Whyyyyyy?'

We just had to laugh!

Mind you, I'm thinking I don't blame her!


  1. There are days I could agree with either of them.

  2. Learning about all the tiny minute details really is awe-inspiring. But trying to remember those tiny, minute details in order to pass a test, that's another story. Tell her I feel her pain.

    (We have snow here today, it's very pretty!)
    Hugs to you all as you dig into science.

  3. Have you come across John Hudson Tiner's books?
    They are wonderful and bring science to life - written from a Christian perspective, he presents scientific facts with fascinating stories and weaves in history and the stories of the people who made the discoveries. I never enjoyed physics or chemistry at school and promptly forgot most of the facts after the exam but his books 'Exploring the World of Physics' and 'Exploring the World of Chemistry' make these subjects interesting. I think I have learned more from reading these books to my children than from all those years of lessons in school!
    P.S If you send me an email I can let you know about my family connection to Lewis in more detail!

  4. But isn't it exciting that God has set those protons and electrons at the right distance from each other-such amazing design! Sorry, I like science.


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