Shearing Sheep

Last evening, DR and CS took the sheep to the fank, ready for their shearing.

Here are my boys. My two adorable boys.

We had a lovely evening. Actually, yesterday, our temperatures hit the heady heights of 17 degrees Celsius (that's into the 60s in Fahrenheit). Imagine!

The Big Brother wanted himself and DR to have them all ready for an early
start this morning.

And here are some of them in the waiting room

DR takes a sheep or ram from the pen and turns in on its back, ready for its haircut.

And then the Big Brother does the business.

What d'ya reckon? Looking good??

(Well, actually guys, I'm sorry, but I think you just look ..... weird. Sorry, but you guys just aint the cutest things I've ever seen.)

Don't anyone tell the Big Brother I said that. These are prizewinning sheep.
I just don't appreciate them.

We did the sensible thing and spent the day in the plot.
Here's Hubbie with his Canadian Cowboy Hat.
I love it. I love him. Together, they are adorable.

So another day in the plot.
Again. And yes, I'm shattered. Again.

But the plot is looking good, and that's what counts right now.

An Announcement

If you're still reading (I hope you're not), I have something I have to say. I've tried to avoid it (hence leaving it to the end of this post), but it's gotta be said.

I got the whole male/female thing wrong with the cows/cattle .... again.

Remember this one:

I was told. I was told this was a male. Male. But when I showed my last blog to my dear Husband and the Big Brother, I was told in no uncertain terms that I need to find some city to live it. I am clearly out of my depth. This gorgeous looking beast is clearly - VERY clearly, apparently - NOT male. It is obvious. Okay. So for any of you who read my last post and didn't pick up on my deliberate (cough) mistake.....well, what can I say. Go ask your kids for 'birds and bees' lessons. They'll tell you.

As for me, if I ever show photos of....of....cattle.... again, they will be referred to as CATTLE. No more specifics.

Thank you for listening. And for understanding. I knew you guys would, even if Hubbie and Big Brother didn't. I'm so glad I have friends out there who understand.

End of Announcement!


  1. Witwoo Malaboro Man move over... we have THE COWBOY!!!!! Or *cough* rather YOU have the cowboy ;)

    Teehee the sheep look so skinny after don't they!!

  2. I think the sheep look pretty cute either way. :-) And, I bet I'd make some of the same mistakes you are... I'm quite the city girl, though my husband hopes to move to a cattle farm someday.

  3. Hysterical! My husband grew up on a dairy farm. When he met me, I had to EDUCATED on the fact that not all dairy cattle have udders! Hmmmmm, yep, I grew up in the city. After all, have you ever seen a bull in a child's picture book? Nope. They are all cows! Actually, some on the story books I grew up with were far from accurate. Some udders had more than 4 teats! I always thought they came in multiples two. Hahhaaaaa!

    (Anna's Momma)

  4. She's wearing gigantic earrings, how could you miss those?!!! Glamour girl!

  5. Anne you make me laugh. What a great post. What kind of sheep are they? They are unusual to me. Very pretty sheep

  6. They're Blackface sheep/rams. That's what is most common up here in the Highlands and Islands because they're really hardy, and were about the only 'make'....oh, 'breed' it's called (sorry!) .... that would survive the harsh climate.
    Nowadays, some are taking other breeds to the island - they're so molly-coddled now....fed over the winter, maternity wards during spring etc etc. I have to say, though - although sheep aren't my favourite animal - the Blackface is my favourite sheep.

  7. Hi Laurie! Yes, the earrings should have been a dead giveaway!! After all, can you really see a Lewisman wearing earrings??!!
    Can't wait to see you! x

  8. Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog and the comment. I wanted to return the favor so I decided to come and take a peek here. I really enjoyed this post and wanted to let you know that your sheep are magnificent looking. None of the sheep that we have here look anything like that. Ok, well, maybe they are not so magnificent looking after the shearing. Haha! I have to agree with the ladies here. Those earrings just gave the cows sex away. Too funny! This was a great blog!

  9. Rhonda, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you think the sheep look good. I shall tell my dear brother-in-law that even if I don't appreciate them, I know someone who does!!
    As for the .....the cattle - I told y'all - no more specifics! - we're waiting for another calf this week. Now this much I know - the one about to give birth is female. I'm on safe ground there!
    Lovely to 'meet' you
    Love, Anne x


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