World Cup

Congratulations, USA!

So, England AND the USA go through from their group in the World Cup. The USA top the group. And most Americans don't even know what football is!   

(Whisper: to you Americans out there - the World Cup is a football....f-o-o-t-b-a-l-l ... competition (yeah, you guys call it soccer. But it's football. Got it?!). It is THE most important sporting event in the world. Well, okay, that might be pushing it a wee bit - after all, we have Wimbledon right now too.)  

Being Scottish, I am surrounded by people who are desperate for England to be knocked out. However, I'm in the Unionist camp. So, I support England .... most of the time. I don't support them if they're playing:   

1. Scotland (obviously!)
2. The Netherlands (partly because I remember their football in the 1970s, and partly....well, just think 'orange' and 'William'!)
3. The USA  

Go figure!  


  1. Ha Ha, Anne, You always make me laugh. The World Cup has been a definite interest around here with two soccer players still at home. It was great to see USA do so well. I heard that they hadn't done as well since the 1930's. I didn't know USA had even been playing soccer (oh I mean football...ha ha) that long...hmmmm, maybe I didn't hear the man correctly. Well, I like your rundown on the teams. Its great to see England is doing well also.
    Many blessings.
    Love Pam

  2. Lol Anne, I have similar loyalties - I was in Holland in 1988 when they won ? the European Cup ? and the whole football thing was so much fun there, I still support the Dutch next to England and Scotland. Till my kids got old enough to care, I supported Scotland over England, but not sure that I could any more :-)

    As someone said "The French collapse too soon, the Americans get involved at the last minute, and it's left up to us to fight the Germans"!


  3. Henrietta, don't you just love that quote! It's brilliant, and so incredibly appropriate for the World Cup. You'd think it had been coined for it.
    Love, Anne x


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