American Flag Pavlova

This morning, we made this for our Scottish-American friends who are calling today.

Here are the stars going on. Please don't count them. We weren't being historically accurate here! 

And here are the kids with spoons at the ready!

It was a 'practice' really. We're planning a get-together here for the home-schooling families on the island. We'll have the day sometime in early July, so we'll make it an American Independence Fun Day. 

At the moment, we're working on some red, white and blue bunting. It's as well we don't really have neighbours. They'd think we'd lost the plot!

Any ideas for games etc welcome.


  1. How creative! I love the strawberries and blueberries. And don't worry about not being historically accurate...I'll tell you a secret *whispers* most American children don't draw all fifty stars on the flag anyway, too much time :P

    And y'all are the first folks I've heard of from the UK area who "celebrate" Independence Day :P Even if it's for your friends.....

  2. Neat! I do think our "Stars and Stripes" make up one of the prettiest flags. Although, I'm partial to nearly any red, white, and blue flag!:) Something extremely important to Independence Day is to have fireworks! :) If you can procure some, it would be really authentic! ;) As for games.....three-legged races, potato-sack races, tug-of-war....at a Memorial Day picnic we had a pie-making contest! Very fun! If you had a reasonable group of young ladies who were handy at turning out pies, than that might be fun....and we are alwasys ready for a game of volleyball! :)
    -Rachel (Signed in on Mama's account! :( oh! What is Pavlova? :)

  3. Thanks for that, RAchel. Pavlova is similar to meringue, but it's 'fluffier' inside because of cornflour, vinegar and vanilla essence going in along with the sugar and egg white. Normally I make individual ones and fill them with cream and strawberries or raspberries.

    As for fireworks.....Well, that's a problem for us, because at this time of year, we don't really see darkness! Certainly up until 11pm, it's quite bright, so fireworks wouldn't show up! Thank you for the suggestions, though.
    Love, Anne x

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! I love yours, and became a follower!! I look forward to reading more soon =) Just curious, how did you find me?

  5. I saw your comment on Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground.... saw you were an 'army wife', and decided to have a look! I'm not an army wife myself, but I pray for the US troops as well as our own UK ones every day. They have such a special place in my heart. So....that's how I 'found' you!
    Love, Anne

  6. That is so impressive! We did some "4th of July" dessert last year, but nothing as clever as that. It is slightly complicated since my six oldest dc and dh will be in the US at the time, so I don't have as much help as I normally do.

    Love Hx

  7. Oh, I see, well thanks for the sweet comment, and for stopping bye =) And thanks for the prayers!! They are such a blessing!

  8. Anne,
    I have attempted to post 3 other times, and this is the 4th. I have this fear that you will wake up tomorrow and find my comments repeated 4 times, and all saying the same things, but reworded a little differently each time, then you will scratch your head and say "what was that all about?" LOL. My computer is just not behaving. But I am going to give it one more try, and if by some crazy miracle the other 3 comments show up well... I guess just disregard the worst ones. LOL.
    I love the post and the fact that you are celebrating our holiday;It is very sweet and encouraging as well as inspiring. I feel all energized to start looking up some great recipes for the 4th.

    Your cake looks great. Be sure to post your recipe, it would be fun to try it. Now that I have written this so many times, I have lost my umph in saying everything I said 3 times before, but I wanted to add "baseball" to your list of game possibilities. It is a very American thing to do, and goes great on the 4th. Hope you have a great time.
    Many Blessings to you and yours,
    Much Love,

  9. Oh Pam, that's so annoying when that happens:-(
    Baseball? - Yes, I think we'll have a go. We bought a baseball bat when we were over on holiday, so that might work. I think out date for our 'funday' might be postponed until a couple of days after the 4th....just trying to get the few homeschooling families together. But will keep y'all posted
    As for 'repeating'! Well, no repeating posts, but sometimes I think when you're a mum, the 'repeat' button is as well staying pressed on!
    Love, Anne x

  10. Hi H,
    I don't know how you'll manage with the older ones away. Seriously, don't you come to rely so much on the older ones - especially the older girls. I almost feel lost when they go to town for an afternoon!
    Well, our US celebration is really just our homeschooling get-together - it's just nice to have some theme, and seeing as we had decided, as a family, to have some american 'stuff' on the 4th (well, around that date anyway - 4th is a Sunday this year), we thought we may as well have our Funday too.
    We;ll see how it goes - I'm not really one for having any imagination when it comes to these things. There wont be much organisation - just fun! We hope......! And sunshine - we HOPE!
    Love, Anne x

  11. Beautiful cake. We have made one kind of like that before and the kids and family loved it.

  12. In our small midwestern town in Indiana we have a parade of children. The children decorate their bicycles with red, white and blue crape paper. They walk their dogs. Parents decorate strollers. Bands march. Scouts and veterans carry flags. Local "queens" ride in convertables cars. Some children simply walk carrying their American flags. It was started nearly 80 years ago to keep the children from setting off dangerous fireworks. It still remains a favorite tradition in our town, one that people travel "back home" every year to celebrate with childhood friends and family. Don't forget the apple pie too! :) God bless!


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