Hidden Mechanisms and Bathroom Doors

For some reason, I am never able to go to the bathroom during the day without hearing the inevitable, "Mum!". 

"Muuuuuuum! Where are you?!"

I reckon there's a mechanism on my bathroom door that shows our kids it's time.

Time to call me.


Can you hear it. It sounds urgent, doesn't it?

When I return to the kitchen, or family room, the conversation goes something like this.

"What is it, darling?"


"What were you wanting? You called me?"

"Er....did I? Oh yeah - it was was nothing."

So I have a piece of advice for you all. If you're ever looking to buy a new door for a bathroom - especially if it's a bathroom you use (I reckon it only applies to Mums) - check the door out carefully.

You must make sure it doesn't have this hidden mechanism.

If you mums know nothing of what I'm talking about - please let me know. It may be this only applies to my household. If so, I want to know.


  1. This is DEFINATELY true in our house! Apart from the fact that I can rarely get to the bathroom without the baby accompanying me, the others will either shout up, 'Maaaaam! He's annoying me!' or something similar or one will follow me upstairs to tell me something of vital importance that couldn't wait for another two minutes!

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  3. We have the same door with the hidden mechanism in Virginia, too!

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  5. Mine came with another feature, little hands would appear at the bottom, wiggling and waving at me. I'm glad that door outgrew that.lol

  6. ....Glad to hear it's not just me, then!! Seems to be a worldwide problem too....guess kids are the same the world over!
    Love, A x


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