Showing OMSH the World

Heather, at OMSH, is having a Geography Month.

Part of the plan for the Geography Month is the Show OMSH the World, and you can read all about it here.

This morning, we went out with our colourful OMSHs, to take photos of 'where we are in the world'.

Here are the kids and OMSH at the Butt of Lewis lighthouse.

(I told you Butt meant the TOP. Told y'all, and you wouldn't listen.)

Well, here we are at the very Edge of the World.
Katie, Catherine and the Wee Guy standing at the 121ft lighthouse....

....officially the windiest spot in the UK!

Battling sun.....

and wind. And standing positions!

We left the Butt, and drove along the coast, and stopped at one of the highest points in Ness.
A view taken from Knockaird looking towards Lionel.

In the forefront of the photo, and to the right, is a peatstack.

On the 'horizon' to the far right of the photo, is our home.

'Hi House! I'm not often this far away, am I?!'

Okay, so it's only a mile or two. It felt far away.

At Port Beach, there's a sign to the infamous Butt.

3km. To those of us who prefer 'old money', that's about a mile and a half.

And here are the OMSH mascots, with something hiding behind them.

The morning was absolutely gorgeous.

This beach is round the East side of the island, and so it much more sheltered than 'our' beach on the West, but today, we had lovely rough waves.

Then we met Lupa. Isn't he gorgeous. 

A White German Shepherd. I took dozens of photos of him. Really, I fell in love with him.

He's eight years of age, but still, apparently, thinks he's a pup! He was playful and friendly, and - all in all - adorable.

OMSH wanted in on the action too!

Aaaaaah! The waves caught him, and even with wellies, he got soaked!

I'm soaked, Mum! Eeeew...inside my wellies! 

I must show more of Lupa. (His name means 'wolf' in Italian)

Aren't you glad I'm a fluent Italian speaker, or you'd never have known that?

Two seconds after this photo was taken, he flattened me!

(Oh, you didn't believe the whole 'fluent in Italian' thing, did you?)

My Chariots of Fire moment.

Who'd be in a classroom on a day like this?

Not us!


  1. We wouldn't be in a classroom on a day like that either......good girl! Keep making those memories and keeping learning alive!

    Italian? Hmmmm,I will just listen to it spoken and then eat the yummy Italian cooking instead of being knocked down by a gorgeous dog with an Italian name! :-)


  2. Thanks for visiting at my blog :-)!
    We're doing OMSH's assignment also, but I think we're by far more ho-hum than Scotland!
    The dog is beautiful...I just want to cuddle him :-)!
    Blessings from Oklahoma, USA, Julie

  3. Wow. You have SUCH beautiful scenery around your area and island! Around us everything is flat. Not even hills! :( I love the pictures! :)

  4. Oh its just GORGEOUS! What a fun day! I love all the pics! The white German Shepherd is beautiful and cute! I am going to live vicariously through you! These pictures took my breath away!

  5. Love the chariots of fire moment. A huge Eric Liddel fan myself. I stopped by from I'm not sure where and am enjoying your blog. I plan to visit more often.

  6. Oh my goodness, what BEAUTIFUL photos. No, I surely did not get these, but definitely send them to me again at heather [at] ohmystinkinheck [dot] com and I will get them up into the flickr album and link to you!

    Thank you so much - these are just breathtaking!


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