Not the Plan...

This was not the post that I'd planned for, but I just looked out my kitchen window and saw this.

What are they doing here?

Right here, by my washing line.

Oh my....look at the poor ram on the other side of the fence. This is too cruel.

Too cruel, Mr Darcy.

There they go, off round the side of the house, and back to where they ought to be.

' Uhhh. No. No pavements here yet. Why d' ya ask?'

Away with you. You un-toilet-trained sheep, that have left a trail of ....stuff...on my lawn.

Hah! 'Lawn'!! What a joke!

And this, I think, may be the answer as to why these sheep are where they ought not to be.

The Wee Guy is the shepherd.

My wee pet.

You wouldn't believe it, but they actually circled the house, and came around again.

And then I saw this.

Do you see the brown 'sheep' hiding in there.

No wonder his head is hidden in shame.

Yep, Mr Wayne, we see you. No use in hiding.

I'm not sure whether the 'meeting' was as planned, but there aint no getting him out of there now.

Last night, at the dinner table, we were talking about the impending ram-meets-sheep that would happen today.

The Wee Guy pipes up, 'Mum, you wont be taking any photos of them...you know...when they're actually.....er getting married'

There was a collective sigh of relief around the table.

Country kids: they know far too much.


  1. ha ha ha!!! "getting married" - a perfect euphemism. Love it. And you have no idea how much a love seeing big, fluffy sheep bottoms scattered across grassy hills. Really makes me want to get to the isles this summer. Such fun photos and witty text; thanks for sharing! (what kind of sheep are they?)

  2. Lol Anne, that did make me laugh. It's cute to be so innocent yet aware. My seven yr old who watches a lot of wildlife programmes (not children's ones) has a good grasp of the chances of "a marriage" producing various offspring when it comes to e.g. polar bears or lions.

    Like you say, farm/country children take it all very calmly.

    I on the other hand was at a shopping till and noticed that the young assistant who we knew quite well, was pregnant. I congratulated her and she said "well, it was an accident, but I'm pleased now".

    I had some explaining to do later on that day. . . .

  3. Hi Heather, ....the sheep are blackface sheep. I hope you are able to get to the isles the next time you're in the UK.

  4. Okay, I'm a Yank who has no clue what a "machair" is - clarify please? I'm guessing it might be the "shore" - or the "strand" as I've heard it called in Ireland?
    Love the posts of . . . everything, actually. Mr. Darcy's in for quite a week, I'd say!

  5. Hi Catie, I think the machair is probably what's called the 'strand' in Ireland. It's the strip of land along the coast - it's grassy, but wouldn't make good land for crops....the soil would be too sandy. Right around the island this land is 'the machair' and is communal land, belonging to no individual person or family.
    Love, Anne x


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