And so to the Bonfire

The pile of wood at the side of the house had to be transported down the croft to where the bonfire will actually be made.

Notice the Wee Guy on the right of this photo.

He looks like he's directing traffic, only we don't get traffic in here.

Every little helps.

Uhhh...not sure if as little as this helps. But girls are useful to.... er...get the boys moving.

Yes, my pet, this piece of wood is absolutely essential to the whole bonfire.

Don't let anyone tell you it's not.

Meanwhile, in a garage not far from home......

a Guy is being adorned

How many kids does it take to stuff a head?!

Mr Fawkes doesn't seem to be taking his impending death seriously, does he?

Some of the fireworks for later

And the bonfire begins

We hardly had any wind tonight, so it was very pleasant warming our hands at the fire!

And finally, the Guy's head goes...

Magic Mushroom firework. Who thinks of these names?!

I wasn't able to get good photos of the fireworks at all (as you've all just seen!), but I've just seen this photo of our fireworks ...

....on Facebook. Eoropie Tearoom posted this, so you get a better flavour of what we had.

And then in for some food

How do y'all like the display of wellies.

Aren't they just fab?!


  1. Love the Wellies and the fireworks!

  2. Wow!!!!! What a great bonfire and fireworks display. Do you do this every year? Is it a Holiday? The Wellies look like a picture for a wall. I love em.
    Much love,

  3. Looks like you had a great time! Pity we weren't down the road, could have had a great view!

    I guess cinnamon rolls are all gone now....

  4. Thanks, guys. The welling are really cool, aren't they?
    Dawn....maybe soon, you'll be joining us....?!
    And yes, cinnamon rolls are a-gone!

    We had a really good night - the weather was spot on for this kind of thing.

    Pam, it's not a holiday, but most areas of our island would have a communal bonfire. We just have enough family to justify our very own! We do it every year, and hubby's family and their kids all come.

  5. Just now catching up...love the pics from your bonfire night. What fun!

    Those Wellies sure are cute!

    Now about that wood for the bonfire, it looks like GOOD wood, like something could be built from it, and you all just burn it?lol I'm think some really cute shelves could be made out of all that wood...maybe I should just trust that your Builder doesn't need it and can't use it, right?


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