Pam's Apron Swap

Pam at Where Your Treasure Is had an apron swap a while back and I had the privilege of being paired up with her!

The other day, I received the most delightful parcel in the post. All the way from Colorado!

Have a look at this.

Isn't this gorgeous!

Pam wrote in her letter: "The final stitches of the apron were sewn with prayers, and wishes of blessings for you."

Isn't that so lovely?

And just have a look at the 'extra' delights Pam posted too.

They are so pretty, aren't they.

It almost makes me want to put on a skirt.

I said 'almost'.


  1. Those are so gorgeous Anne! Love the colors and I also love the two little extra delights! What fun fun fun we all have had!!!!

    I want to see those lovelies on you and your girls now!!!


  2. That apron is gorgeous. The combination of fabrics are very pretty and feminine.

  3. They really are lovely, aren't they. I promise to take some photos of them actually being worn too!

  4. Such a beautiful way to share a friendship! And don't worry about the skirts - I almost always wear skirts, but I wear aprons over my jeans when I have them on and I'm cooking.

  5. This apron is beautiful! It's inspiring me to make some more. I love the old fashioned fabric choices and trimmings!



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