Real Snow

Today, we had wonderful weather.

I took these photos this morning when I went on my daily 3-mile hike.

It looks like we have a huge fire somewhere behind our house, doesn't it?!

They're a hardy bunch, if a bit wary of the woman with the camera.

You'd think they'd know me by now.

Oh, maybe it's because they do know me that they're so wary. I bet you the Big Brother tells them a load of rubbish about me - you know, he probably tells them I don't know anything about sheep; and that I can't tell cows from bulls, or rams from sheep; and that I was really built for civilized city life.

It's all rubbish, you know.

The sky looks as though it's about to fall on us...

...and here's why. Another snow shower. Real, proper snow. I love it!

And then it stopped, just in time for the Wee Guy to get his Ice Road trucks on the move.

**PS. You didn't really believe me when I said about the 3-mile trek, did you?

Well, you don't all need to shout 'NO!!' at once. It might have been true. 


  1. Beautiful pictures, Anne. I especially like the ones of the sheep.

  2. Ominous clouds make pretty pictures. That one of the house really does look as if something is burning somewhere, with smoke billowing into the air.

    You shouldn't have said you didn't hike 3 miles, I like thinking you did, and do, every day, so that I'll get motivated to do something like that for myself.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!!!

    And yes, I believed you about the hike and actually started to feel like you were "out of my league", far above me somewhere up in the "diligent disciplined women's league", but then I was relieved to know you're not. You're still in the lower league with me. Phew! ;)

  4. Wonderful morning light... love the sheep!

  5. What beautiful photos! I like the first one with the sheep. There's something about the colors on that one. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have stitch, I don't think I'll recover in a hurry.... daily 3 mile hike.... hohoho hahaha!!!

    Stunning photographs, love 'em!


  7. Uuuuuh - why does the thought of me having a daily 3-mile hike send you into hysterics, Dawn???

    And Leah - I love the 'diligent disciplined women's league'. I doubt I'd make it into that league, sadly, but I do love the title!

    Thank you all for saying Hi. The colours really were amazing and it *did* put me in the mood for a ...well - not a 3-mile hike - but definitely for a bit of a wander in the snow.
    You guys just know me too well for me to kid on! x

  8. Well I did believe you - I was thinking how amazing you are to do that each day!
    The pictures are beautiful & I still think you are amazing for taking them even if it didn't accompany a 3 mile hike!!!
    As for the bulls & rams - just look under them - if you know what I mean :)
    Have a great day

  9. gorgeous photos!!! I'd love to hike out in that; it is SO pretty.

  10. If you hadn't used the word "daily", there may have been a slither of a chance I could have given you the benefit of the doubt.... actually scrub that.. I think I still would have laughed ;o)


  11. I love the first two in the last group of three. They are gorgeous! Found you through a comment on PW! I love finding fellow homeschoolers!

  12. Beautiful photos, especially the one where it's actually snowing - a really hard photo to get! thanks for sharing your sunrise with us (and the sheep, of course!). Have a blessed day!

  13. Beautiful pictures! The storm clouds look breathtaking! You always put a big smile on my face Anne!

  14. Welcome Danielle. It is good to find fellow weird, unsocialised ....er... sorry, perfectly normal, sociable, homeschoolers, isn't it?! Thanks for visiting, and please call back.

    It's been so lovely for us the past few days - snow, very little wind, sunshine.... and this in Lewis. IN LEWIS!! We're hanging onto it for dear life, hoping this will not be our snow quota for the winter.

    Thank you all for calling round, and for commenting. x

  15. This is just absolutely gorgeous!

    Do you always walk this early in the morning? I am so convicted!


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