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Some parents of homeschooled kids like to insist that homeschooling results in perfectly normal children.

Oh yeah?

Let me tell you a story.

Catherine, our eldest, often goes to her swimming club - which is held in Stornoway - on the bus. Now, this bus is not only a public service bus; it's also the bus that takes the school kids home after their day in the institution...er, sorry, ...in school.

So, picture the scene. Catherine is sitting on the bus. Surrounded by 'normal' school kids. She has earphones in her ears, listening to music she has downloaded onto her phone. She relaxes in the seat listening to the soundtrack from The Young Victoria. 

Have you heard it? Good, isn't it?

Anyway, just as one of the tracks finishes, she hears the sound of this. (Go to this link, and play the recording near the bottom of the post.) 

Have you listened? No? You must.

Go on - I'll wait.

Okay. On the bus, this is the song Catherine hears playing. Loudly.

Her first thought is, 'Oh, I didn't realise I'd put this song in the Young Victoria file.'

She then realises that the song isn't coming through her earphones. It's her ringtone. And the whole bus is listening.

She thinks it's great fun.

Normal teenager? Uh, I think not.


If you ask me, the video below sums it up. Many of you will have seen this before, but it's so funny, it really is worth watching again.

You just gotta laugh.

So, next time you hear someone ask whether homeschooling results in normal kids.....just think of Catherine!

(Thanks to Pioneer Woman for her rendition of There's No Business Like Showbusiness!)


  1. Lol, depends of course on one's definition of "normal". Most parents I know (however their dc are educated) don't want "normal" (as defined by the Daily Mail/The Sun/ BBC News) children.


  2. Normal!? Whatever!? I always told my kids, "if everyone else is doing it, it's a good indication you shouldn't be." They all took it to heart. :-) Our "van" was RED AND WHITE! And when the food hit the table, no one was shy, or they didn't eat. I'm glad we're not 'NORMAL' ~ whatever that is. :-)

    Love the music and video!

  3. I read this post last night, but got my moment interrupted and couldn't comment. It cracked me up. Love the Ethel Mermon impersonation, and love that Catherine put her on her phone. Yes indeed.... normal is not what we hope for in our children... at least as you say not in the sense of what the "world" decrees normal. Love God's idea of normal, which makes us all delightfully unique. Thank goodness Noah wasn't normal, or
    Abraham, or Joseph, or all the rest, all the way up to our precious Lord.
    Also, loved the video, and hadn't seen it before. Tell Catherine "you go girl" from me. :)
    Love Pam

  4. Very nice! I've seen this before...have 2, yes 2, Tim Hawkins dvds here. My face HURTS from laughing when I'm finished watching them. Come on over and have a look for yourself. Saw your snow on the ETearoom page. Pretty.


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