17th Century for the Wee Guy

As we approached the American Thanksgiving last year, we were reading this book.
The Wee Guy was also studying 17th Century History. It was a fascinating time - both the 17th century and our time of studying it.

We had a lapbook from A Journey Through Learning, and we had a great time learning about King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I; about King James (I of England; VI of Scotland) and the Separatists

about the Mayflower, the Mayflower Compact and about the First Americans.

We went on to learn the amazing story of Squanto and of the First Thanksgiving

and decorated our walls.

We had a great time studying this period of history, and the fascination with it has never left the Wee Guy.

This year, we are moving further West. We're loving the Little House books, and the insight into this period of American history.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving from Virginia, Anne!

    Loved your post Bulging Cupboards,too....excellent thoughts to reflect on as we move into a season of Thanksgiving. Truly CHRIST is our all in all, our ROCK....Psalm 95.


  2. I love the Little House books. I have read them all and loved them all. Such a simple time to have lived in. A hard life, but simple. Blessings to you!

  3. Very nice artwork! We loved these two periods in history too. We read and re-read the Little House Books when the kids were younger. We visited some of Laura's homesites in Kansas and South Dakota on holiday, and every once in a while, I'll make a trip to Mansfield where Laura finally settled and wrote the Little House Books. I always see something new in the museum that I missed on a last visit. :-)

    Thanks for visiting, Anne.
    Blessings to you. :-)

  4. Anne, how wonderful to have been able to visit the sites. We're almost finished the Little House on the Prairie ... you'll be able to tell me - they travelled from the House in the Big Woods (was that in Wisconsin?) to Kansas? Yes? They must have been near the Oklahoma border, were they? And then.... was it on to South Dakota?
    Wonderful stories. It's strange - though I've read them a number of times, I'm enjoying it more this time than ever before.I think it's because we've been to the US, seen the SIZE (even of the parts we saw), and now dream of heading west - because of this, it seems more real. We love plotting the map, so your expertise will be appreciated!
    Thanks for commenting! x

  5. Oops - I was signed in on someone else's account! Anyway, the previous comment/question was from me!
    FROM Anne TO Anne!

  6. How fun! Like so many others, we, too, love the Little House books. We don't live close enough to Missouri to have actually gone to Laura's home (and now museum) there, but someday... Maybe... :)

    Our neighbors have gone, and I still remember how they told us with awe that Pa's fiddle is there! The real fiddle that his hands played! Kind of amazing to think about.

  7. Anne how delightful! The history, the book, painting and artwork! Brought back very happy memories of learning our beautiful history from my Mom. History I never want to take for granted.

    Yay you are reading the Little House series! Sigh, I wish I was in your warm living room listening along :)


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