Today - I made Tomato Soup for the first time ever. You see, I don't like Tomato Soup myself, so I never made it! Until today. Recipe to follow.

Today - is sunny. I mean, it's gorgeously sunny. And still - no wind. I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.

Today - Mr Wayne gets the boot out of the ladies' field. Time will tell if he lives up to his reputation.

Today - is the day of the swimming competition of the Lewis and Harris Sports Festival. I'll let you know later how our competitors get on. I'll also let you know whether I embarrass myself or my kids with my poolside behaviour. It has been known in the past.

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  1. It was so beautiful and calm there last week. What's going on? And I'd be really interested in the technique used by the shepherd to extract John Wayne. Does he (JW) go willingly after a few weeks of female companionship or is it a battle? Look forward to hearing how the swimming goes.


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