Weather Update

Our clocks changed this weekend. As I write this it's just after 4pm and it is:

- almost dark

- windy. The wind is a steady 50mph wind, with gusts of up to 70mph.

- wet

- not very warm. The actual temperature is 8 degrees Celsius (46.4F), but with a windchill temperature of -6 degrees Celsius (21.2F), it feels COLD.

Welcome to Winter on our island!

Stay tuned for a daily weather report. 

Not really - things are not quite that boring yet, but I will keep you updated, whether you like it or not.

I love this time of year. That's the truth. I love it being dark early, and (says she hopefully) the thought of us all winding down earlier in the evening. 

Maybe the kids will want to bed earlier too (says she ridiculously hopefully).

I'm thinking silence. Ahhh. Peace and Quiet.

Yes, I know the Builder will be here, but I can assure you all that he doesn't break silences very often. It aint his way.

Did I ever tell you how - after the Wee Guy was born, and my pressure was through the roof - how my pressure would visibly fall every time he came into my hospital room. The hospital staff were amazed, but for three whole weeks, it happened every time. My pressure would be through the roof; Builder would walk in; pressure would fall. 

See how good he is for me.


  1. I love the story of the "wee guy" being born and the presence of the Builder just calming you.....the LORD is good, isn't HE? Some of HIS best blessings are through our "imperfect" husbands who seem to be just "perfect" for us!


  2. Builders and carpenters have a way of bringing peace to us, yes? ;) It sounds c-h-i-l-l-y on the island right now. Do you scrapbook? The dead and dark of winter is my favorite time to do it.

  3. It sounds like your weather is similar to ours in the Pacifice NW of the States. We have wind and rain. Time will change next weekend and it will be dark early. I do enjoy the winter and stormy weather and the coziness the early dark can bring.
    Bless you.


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