Ruth - Her Story for Today by Keith M Watkins

Each week, I set some questions from a chapter of this book for the girls to answer.

All the answers to the questions are found in the relevant chapter.

For example, Chapter 1 is called Sin and Grace in the Days of the Judges, and these are the questions I set for them:

1.  Name some of the things which make the book of Ruth an especially good story.

2.  At what time in the history of the nation of Israel did Ruth live?

3.  How was the moral state of the nation at this time described?

4.  Find a verse elsewhere in the Bible that speaks of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Judge.

The book was written with teens or young adults in mind, but I'd say it's a good read for any age.

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  1. hello there! What a special comment you left on my blog about grieving. I really appreciate your kind words. Four months ago my mom died (at age 54) in her sleep of congestive heart failure. I continue to grieve. She was my best friend and we did so much together. Yes, God made us human with emotions; I've often reminded myself of this. He is faithful and has brought me through so much! Thanks for caring :o) ps. I really like your blog. You've got some GORGEOUS photos!


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