Weather and Tearooms

Eoropie Tearoom posted this on their Facebook page:

Shipping forecast: Issued 0505 UTC Sun 07 Nov. Wind, southwest 4 or 5; backing southeast 7 to severe gale 9, occasionally storm 10 for a time later, then becoming cyclonic.

Yep, we had winds up to 80mph; temperatures of between 4 and 6 degrees Celsius with a windchill factor of -10. Yes, that's minus 10!

The weather page at Eoropaidh Tearoom's website gives an accurate as-it-happens account of our weather. It's stationed just across the machair from us, so the weather they show is exactly what we have here outside our door.

Er, there's an outside-of-our-door?


It wont be seeing much of me for the next while.

If you go to the Tearoom's site, have a look at the cakes Mrs Eoropie Tearoom makes. 

Did you look? 

Fab, eh?

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