A Royal Engagement

Congratulations to Prince William and his fiance, Kate Middleton on their engagement.

Prince William - who is next in line to the throne, after his father, Prince Charles - and Kate Middleton plan to marry sometime next year.

I shall await our invitation to the wedding with anticipation. Let's hope the date doesn't clash with any of my other plans. I do, after all, have a very busy schedule.

You know me: lots of dates, and meetings with important people, and functions to attend. Such is life.

Well, over and above everything, I wish God's blessing on them as a couple. I would wish for them to honour God above all else. Prince William is destined, God willing, to be king one day, but the King of kings is worthy of all praise and honour. I pray that in the midst of all their material wealth they would seek the Saviour, and have riches beyond what this world can offer. 

If their marriage was a threesome of God, William and Kate, how blessed their marriage could be. 

Congratulations, Prince William and Kate, and God bless you both.


  1. Hello Anne!

    I too am excited about their upcoming wedding - especially because I will be living nearly in the midst of the excitement, as the wedding is scheduled to take place in London and I will be in Oxford until the middle of next summer (my fiancé is studying there)! I can't remember if you knew that I was moving to the UK or not - we have been careful to avoid mention of it on the blog due to privacy concerns - I don't know how far I will be from you or if our paths will ever cross, but it will be nice to know that there are other likeminded people in the UK! :)

    Many blessings,


    PS - I smiled when I read about your supposed invite to the Royal Wedding. :)

  2. I don't think I *knew*, but the girls and I were talking about you just the other day....about your plans and excitement and so on! And we did wonder about England - we were aware there was something - were they going to honeymoon there? Was Stephen studying there? But I don't think we even came up with, 'Are they going to live there?'! Oxfordshire is beautiful and I am sure you will love living in a place like that as a newlywed. They have lovely weather too (well, compared with us!), and there are beautiful sites to see. We think of you often, and pray - not only for you, but for your mum and dad too. They are going to miss you so very, very much. As a mum of kids from age 17 down, I'm more aware of your mum's feelings!
    Anyway, God bless you in your plans. And, all being well, when you come to that area of England, you will be able to find others down there with a similar worldview, I'm sure.
    As always, we will be keeping up with your plans and your family.
    Love, and every blessing, Anne x


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