One Man and His Dog

The dog in the centre of this photo belongs to the man to the right.

The dog is a working dog.

Think One Man and His Dog.

The man makes almost imperceptible sounds and whistles, and the dog does exactly what he's supposed to.

The dog will go to the right, to the left as required.

Towards his owner, or away from him...

He is adorable. 

But it's an absolute pleasure watching him at work.

And watching him at play.


  1. I would love to watch something like that.

  2. Awww that is the sweetest dog. I love seeing them work too. It just does something to my heart. I love their faithfulness and loyalty. Also, loved you previous post, and left you a comment.
    Much Love,

  3. The dog was just gorgeous. I wish I'd got better photos, but the weather was so windy and showery. The man normally works with 2 dogs - a mother and son! It's incredible to watch them.
    Someday, I'll try and get better photos and to talk to the fellow too - he's my first cousin once removed....hey, don't you love it - that's *such* an island thing!!
    Love, Anne x

  4. Aw, he's so cute. They are just amazing to watch and so loyal.

  5. Hello, I was surprised to see those working dogs, as I am dog sitting for a dog of that breed just as of today. He really is paying way to much attention to my chickens!!

    Have so enjoyed your post! blessings Roxy

  6. I have a book with lovely illustrations about a man and his dog (in Scotland I think) that I've read to my children a few times. The dog is exactly like that in the book, very well trained. And he looks just like the one in the above photos too! My kids love the pictures (and the sheep).

  7. I saw a company in Washington state the other day that breed Border Collies. (I clearly have way too much time to surf the net!) They were adorable. They are so lively and yet, so trainable. And - as was said - loyal and faithful. Almost all the dogs on this island when I was growing up were Border collies, or some version of..
    Love, Anne x

  8. Border Collies are such amazing dogs. So much admiration for their trainers. They are a joy to watch!
    Had to chuckle reading your 'first cousin once removed' comment; that it is such an 'island thing'. It is also very much the 'mountain thing'. We grew up surrounded by aunts, uncles, first cousins, 'daddy's double-first-cousins', etc. They provided much love, support and a very tight-knit community.

  9. Makes me think of James Herriot and the "only one woof" story. You make me want to travel to Britain! Maybe this coming summer - my in-laws are from Northern Ireland. I've got my heart on a visit to Scotland sometime....

  10. I absolutely love to watch working dogs. We watched a special on PBS about working dogs who had been rescued from bad situations. One was a Border Collie, named Herbie, who was taken to a farm in Ireland, to be retrained. It was fascinating, and made me wish I lived in the midst of green pastures w/ sheep that needed to be rounded up by my own "Herbie".


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