The Joys of Homeschooling for the Wee Guy. Today.

The Wee Guy left this morning after 7am to go to Sheep Sales with Big Brother.

These are the joys of homeschooling:

For Calum: because he gets to go to sheep sales when schoolkids are doing sums;
For Big Brother: uh....because he gets to have the pleasure of the Wee Guy's company for the day.
For Catherine and Katie: because....well, just have a listen. Ssshhh. Hear it?  It's silence. It's golden. And it's here for the day!

I have no photos of him in his army trousers, his oilskins, his hi-viz jacket and his wellies.

"Muuuummmm....there's no time for stuff like that." Sigh

Working men - no time for frivolities like photos in the morning.

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