Culinary Curry....try saying that quickly

Curry. We love it.

Here's my favourite way for making curry.

Greek style yoghurt gets chucked in a bowl with these

Garlic, cardomom pods, garam masala, chilli powder (sorry, no proper chillis tonight - and not close enough to a supermarket to go for them), cumin, caraway seeds. I think there may be other things, but can't think right now!

Cut up the chicken breasts into large pieces.

Leave for a few hours...

Grill the chicken pieces (I think the other side of the Atlantic call this broiling...is that right?)

Some of the pieces may risk getting close to being charcoaled

....but only if your grilling the chicken whilst teaching long-division to one of the kids, and swapping laundry from the washing machine to the tumble drier all at the same time.

Otherwise, you'll be safe enough.

Now for my deepest culinary secrets. 

You all ready?

Yep! Mr Grossman is my secret.

Don't ask my why I posted a photo of a jar of Balti and of Thai Red, because it's Tikka Masala I used tonight.

Not like me to do something incomprehensible.

You can tell I was doing long-division today....using a word like 'incomprehensible'.

Long division is the absolute bane of the life of one of my daughters.

Stir fry onion.

I chucked placed it all in the slow cooker today, just because I felt like it.

No curry is complete without coriander.

This is my all time favourite herb.



  1. I'm discovering curry and finding that I like it a LOT!

  2. I think blogging is making me fat. :) The curry looks great, and I completely sympathize with your daughter about long division; and I understand how having to deal with long division and laundry can cause some parts of chicken to become charcoal; although it looks pretty good that way. I like curry, I should make some in the near future. I know my hubby would thank you if Idid. I don't think we can get ahold of "Mr. Grossman's" here.... but the sauce you made with the yogurt looks great. Could you use that?

    If you put the chicken in the oven under the top element turned to broil, we would call it broil; if you cooked the chicken on the barbecue
    and cooked it that way, we would call it grill.
    Love you

  3. Oh YUM! Another "curry" I made that turned out pretty wonderful was African Chop:http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/african-chop-recipe.html


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