Old Holiday Photos

We never tire of reminiscing about our two family holidays to the USA.

The first real holiday we were able to have in 15 years came in the form of a 4-week holiday in the US. Yep, it was worth the 15 year wait!

I don't want to bore you with too many of our holiday photos, but here are some photos we managed to take of 'Welcome' signs. Bear in mind that they were taken from a moving vehicle, so no comments please on quality of shots!

We flew into Toronto, and spent some time in the wonderful province of Ontario before we crossed the border into the US.

We didn't stay in Delaware, so this was just a 'passing through'.

We didn't stay in Maryland either, but we worshipped there on both holidays. We have very happy memories of our time there.

We drove through New York state on both holidays: the first time, we drove from Niagara to Lancaster, PA; and the second time we drove from London, Ontario to Ocean City, NJ. 

The first time we went to the States, we stayed in Lancaster, PA for a few days. This was absolutely wonderful.

The last time we went to the US, we drove the length of Pennsylvania on our way from Princeton, NJ to Ohio. What a beautiful state! And loads of space! 

We reckoned if we just plonked ourselves somewhere, we could just stay and noone would ever know. What d'ya reckon? Do y'all think we'd have been chucked out by now?

Both times we holidayed in the USA, we ended our time in Michigan with friends. We have the most precious memories of all from our time in this state. 


  1. Wow! You covered a lot of ground! I'm not too terribly far from Lancaster, isn't it lovely?

  2. If you ever come to the West Coast of the U.S., please stop by our house in Olympia, WA. We won't "chuck you out"!

  3. Thanks Leah! We've never been further west than Ohio and Michigan, but now our dream is to head west! So you never know!

    Lancaster was so lovely, Cheryl. The scenery is so...peaceful. We just loved it.

  4. Man, Anne, you were right past Pittsburgh. Next time you head toward MI, give us a heads up! I'm so happy when I hear of foreign love for the US. We like it here too. :)

    A tradition when I was growing up, was honking wildly at each state boarder. (My mom's kinda horn-happy.)

  5. The next time you visit your friends in MI, we'll go visit our friends in MI, and we'll plan to meet for our own visit, deal? ;o)

  6. Sounds good to me, Mrs C!

    Heather, I love your mother's style.I would *love* to see our kids' faces.....just *another* embarrassing moment brought to you from mother!!

  7. Y'all should come South next time!!!! We'd love to have y'all here in Old Dominion :D You could visit Monticello....we live right near the foot of the mountain.

  8. I live in Michigan! Where did you come to visit??

  9. Hi Denise, we were in Grand Rapids. We have friends from Scotland who now live there. We simply love the US, and, though our hearts are in the South and further West (don't be offended!, cos we fell in love with every part of where we've been to...PA, MI...), because our friends are in MI, we end up spending time there. And love it! x

  10. Not offended : ) The West IS beautiful!! And so are the mountains in the South! The Upper part of Michigan is my favorite part of Michigan. Grand Rapids is okay. LOl That is not too far from me (few hours).

  11. Are you in the Upper part? We'd love to go from Ontario to GR that way....head north in Ontario and enter MI from that direction. Along with 'heading west', it's on our 'dreams list'!

  12. No, we are in the Detroit area (30 minutes from Detroit- near Canada).

    We vacation quite a bit in the U.P. though. My uncle has a cabin there and my husband, kids and I love to hike and spend time on Lake Superior. Love the wildlife there.... We would love to go into the wilder parts of Canada....


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