Saturday....a Belated Part 3!

I told you there was one other incident.

The Builder fancied another visit to A&E. So he did this.

The photos were taken in the treatment room with my phone. That's why they're unclear. But you get the picture...

...crushed in the hinge of the van door.

 Do you see the top of the finger? Doesn't look quite right, does it?

That's 'cos there's a broken bone up there.


  1. Oh my goodness. I thought my husband was the only one out to lose all of his fingers. About 8 years ago he got his left hand in a grain auger. Thankfully his hand and all 5 fingers are still intact. They look kind of crooked, a couple of fingers are pretty weak, and he has very little feeling on the back of his hand but he was very blessed to not have lost his hand, or worse. Hope all goes well for you! Prayers going up for you and your family.

  2. Anne, that was disgusting!!!!!


  3. It was kind of disgusting, but in a good way! I was allowed to go into the treatment room and watch it all. I loved it! I really wanted to do something medical-y when I was younger, but there's no way I could have done the pukey stuff. Sorry to be so blunt! But blood and anything medical - I love!
    Having said that, I *do* wish the Builder would stop his regular visits to A&E!

  4. In a good way....

    errr ok. Fancy a gory trip to the hospital in say 10 weeks, that should give you a fix for a while?!

  5. Ohhh, so sorry. I know that hurts. Fortunately, he still has the finger! But will probably lose the nail.

  6. Feeling faint after that last picture. My sister is the nurse, not me. And I'm very happy with that arrangement.

    Hope his injury heals quickly, it's hard to work w/ a hurt finger.


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