Happy Birthday...

to our little girl young lady!

This daughter is a pink girl.

Last month, she looked like this.

And just a couple of weeks ago, she looked like this.

I think this was just last week.

And these must have been yesterday.

And this was taken the night we were at Severance Hall listening to Cleveland orchestra.

And this is the photo that made me realise that yes, I am getting old.

You see, mirrors, into which we look each day, are pliable, but photos Do. Not. Lie.

This was her this morning, surrounded by pink balloons, having her hot chocolate and toast taken to her side, and reading...er, hang on! Is that a cookery book Katie's reading?! 

No, surely not, not our Katie.

"Oi, Katie - is that really a book about cooking you're reading?"


"Er, may I ask a couple of questions.... 

Are you well? 

What happened to you overnight? 

Who are you, and where's the real Katie?"

This was her choice of cake. Catherine made it for her, 

dutifully made it into a Birthday Cake, and


Katie will huff and will puff, and will...

yep, blow them all out!

Please don't tell anyone this, but Catherine has now made a Chocolate cake to have for when the Builder comes home. I am not kidding, but the first cake Is No More. 

We are all suitably ashamed. But we're licking our lips too.


  1. Happy Birthday dear Katie......Happy Birthday to yoooooooooou!!!!


    Hope you have a great day!
    Friends from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

  2. Happy Birthday Katie!
    I love the one of her "just a few weeks ago" with the hat on and her little freckled nose and bright blue eyes. I love to see "growing up" pictures.
    (That cake looked pretty scrumptious too.)

  3. Strange isn't it? My kids are growing just as fast as yours :0! Happy Birthday to your beautiful, beautiful daughter. May she be blessed and highly favored . . . and your whole family too!

  4. Happy Birthday, Katie! May the Lord continue to bless you, as you grow in Him! Looks like your day was fabulous...and delicious!

  5. Happy Birthday to your Katie! Today is my daughter's birthday too. The cake looks lovely and delicious. I can see how you would need two cakes...of course.

    My children are sick today so we will delay our celebration to the weekend. A german chocolate cake with a fudge nut filling. :)

  6. Happy Birthday to your Katie! She shares the day with my elder sister. It's a great day indeed!

    Lovely cake, and lovely pictures! Isn't that the way it seems like our children go from babies to young ladies in just a matter of a few blinks of the eye? It just goes too fast(wiping tears).

    Enjoy her day, and her cake, and more cake...wish I were your neighbor,(that is if you share cake w/ your neighbors...lol) two cakes in a day, YUM! But the first one went so quickly there probably won't be any of the 2nd to spare I presume. That's ok, enjoy!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to Katie! She also shares the day with my beloved.

    And what fabulous taste in cookbooks she has! I love that book, although to be fair I love anything by Nigella!

  8. Happy Birthday to your dear Katie!

    The cake is lovely!!!

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Katie loves pink
    And,YOU look young...wink, wink ;)

  9. happy birthday!

    great pics sound like a great cake too! hee hee. i've been known to do the same thing! :)

  10. What lovely photos and it pains me to think that Katie is really that age.....hmmmmm, strange that you are ageing Katie, but me, well, I seem to be getting younger every day ;-) By the way, would you be so kind as to remind Catherine that it's my birthday tomorrow (ahem) and I'll have some of that cake pleeeeease, thank you xx

  11. Happy Birthday to your dear Katie!!

  12. Ha how cute!! Happy Birthday to your daughter the cake looks wonderful!! ~Love Heather

  13. Happy Birthday to her!
    How DO you manage to update every day?? I've been trying but I just can't!
    The cake looks amazing. Jealous :P

  14. Oh my goodness, please tell your sweet Katie Happy Birthday! What delightful yummy cake!! Is that a Nigella cook book I see?? I have to agree with Kirsteen that I too love everything Nigella!


  15. I have to say, I completely agree with your color of choice...pink is the best! :) Happy Birthday, Katie!

  16. Happy, Happy Birthday, dear Katie! :)

  17. Okay, I think we better have the recipe to that cake! And oh how adorable Katie is ... last month....last week... and yesterday. And you haven't aged... what are you talking about? You look beautiful and young! I love the picture of the 3 of you So cute. Also loved seeing all the kids when they were little they're all "cute"! Sounds like such coziness seeing Katie with her cocoa and toast, reading... that's what I like on my special day: "just let me have some cozy time to sip something hot and read to my heart's content. I wish we could have popped over for the party... I guess I'll have to settle with wishing Katie "Happy, delightful, wonderful, birthday to you!"
    Much Love,

    25 March 2011 16:02

  18. Yes they do grow up fast. My oldest is now 23 and married. Even my young children are nearly grown. Looks like Katie had a special day.


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