If you can't get a-head ... get a hat

Our good friend, Laurie - remember the one we sent out to the peats to work...

... is back on the island.

She was visiting last night and brought these...

No, not the guys - I already had these. I mean the headgear.

You see, her dad visited us once here, and when he heard some of the history of the island and saw some of the guys (cough, the Builder, Big Brother and Baby Brother), he forever more associated the guys here with Vikings.

And so now, we are Purple Minnesota Viking supporters. 

Have I opened a can of worms here? You see, if someone from across the Pond told me they'd decided to support a 'wrong' Scottish football (soccer) team (er, one whose name begins and end with C, for example), I wouldn't be a happy bunny. So, I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes, but now we're Minnesota Viking supporters.


  1. Regarding your comment on my blog this morning. Meet Me on Mondays is a meme through a blogger named Java at Never Growing Old. I didn't want you to think it was mine to link up to. I'm sure she will welcome someone new linking up.
    Have a good week-

  2. You might as well be a Vikings fan. Our team in Cincinnati is so bad, even I would cheer for the Vikings!!

  3. I'm weird, if we watch a game here at home together, I'm for the underdog and hope they win against all odds. I don't have a favorite team to follow, makes life less complicated. :o)

    So "Go Vikings", that is if they're the underdog next time they play. Are they football? See how little I know, it's embarrassing!

  4. They are so handsome in their hats.


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