Ten More Things...

1. On the day we were married, I weighed exactly half of what the Builder did.
It doesn't look like that, but it's true. 
I was seven-stone-four. 
(FYI, there are 14 pounds in a stone. What is it with you Americans and measures?!)

2. My dream 'date' would be going on a long drive with the Builder, ending with a lovely meal.

3. The drive could be in Scotland. 

Or Pennsylvania. Or Virginia. Or in Maine. Maybe heading West through Wisconsin, South Dakota and south towards Colorado. And across to Oregon or Washington State.

4. Or a total dream date might be crossing the country of Canada. Oh, imagine. Weeks and weeks of driving coast to coast. I reckon West to East. What d'ya reckon?

5. I don't know why I allowed my mind to go to the above places.

6. Today, I'm going to make the Chocolate Sheet cake I made here.

7. The last time I made the aforementioned cake, it lasted a day. One day. And it was gone.

8. No. 1 is no longer true. I cannot think why.

9. The Wee Guy is learning the countries of Europe right now and the girls are playing Table Tennis, which is their latest break-time pastime. 

10. You're gonna be hearing a whole lot more about vegetables, herbs, plots and green things in general over the next few weeks. You know why? 'Cause planting has begun! Woohoo!


  1. I am looking forward to hearing all about planting in your neck of the woods. That is quite a lovely wedding photo!

  2. love the wedding picture!!! he's in a kilt!! you don't see those over here very often, how cool!!

  3. I've spent the last two days in our greenhouse. I speak the vegetable language!

  4. Your wedding picture is lovely. Chocolate cake sounds delicious, but so do homegrown vegetables. Zachary planted peppers today, and Megan planted delphinium. We are hoping they will start okay inside....haven't done that before. Looking forward to seeing what you will grow and when it begins popping up!

  5. Love the wedding picture... such beautiful couple... You look lovely and I Like the kilt on hubby.

    We planted a couple of trays of veggies last week. Always like to see what you are planting. Keep the pictures coming
    Much Love,

  6. I reckon a trip across Canada is an absolute must!
    And I live a 1/4 of the way across....just when you would need a break:)

    Love the pictures!

  7. I love your wedding picture, you do look tiny and he so handsome in his kilt.

    We've attended one wedding where the groom wore a kilt, and ever since, my gals have dreamed of marrying a Scottish man.

    My youngest served a Scottish guy @ work yesterday, she was elated when she told her sister about her Scottish encounter. They are so funny!

  8. Wonderful wedding picture...and I can see why you would dream of that drive I have done that before driven across Canada and The USA east to west all the way to Alaska even. It was a wonderful experience and I would do it again and again. Planting sounds fantastic can't wait to do some myself ~And Chocolate Cake now your talking my language hehehe ~Wishing you a wonderful week and weekend ~Love Heather

  9. Let's not talk about how much we weighed when we got married,okay?!??!?
    (I do have one consolation though. I don't think I will ever outweigh my husband, even when I'm nine months pregnant. Phew, good thing he's a big guy.)

    Do let's talk about the chocolate cake though.

    And do let's talk about you visiting Washington State someday... and visiting us :)


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